Found: 15 Super-Flattering Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

Celebrities have a certain knack for effortlessly pulling off every hairstyle we've ever wanted to try but simply don't have the courage or quite the right texture to execute it ourselves. Or so we thought. This season is the perfect time to spread our wings in an effort to reclaim ourselves and maybe/possibly/definitely go outside our comfort zones for the sake of head-turning beauty looks.

However, as with any great haircut, the texture of your hair will dictate the end result. With that in mind, we rounded up our favorite bob haircuts for fine hair. If we do say so ourselves, they're good. Keep reading for 15 super-chic options.

No matter what type of hair cut you plan to get, always bring a screenshot of the look you would like to emulate to your stylist.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Karlie Kloss
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Karlie Kloss

Though Kloss has since grwon her hair out (and gone icy platinum!), the model's chic bob haircut will forever live on in our hearts as one of the best options if you're Team Fine Hair. Plus, that fringe.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough left us all awestruck when she chopped her usually long, perfectly curled hair for a short, straight bob with fringe. It's a departure for her, but we're absolutely into it.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Kat Graham
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Kat Graham

When we think "bob," something short, sleek, and flapper-esque almost always seems to come to mind. Luckily, we have actress Kat Graham to ceaselessly provide inspiration when it comes to above-the-shoulder chops. Her recent take featuring a crisp center part and voluminous curls is the ultimate cure-all for thin, limp strands.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Time pretty much stood still (for beauty lovers, at least) when Nina Dobrev took an even deeper plunge late last year and updated her cut to an even shorter, piecier look.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

Hairstylist Bryce Scarlett is the genius behind most of Margot Robbie's iconic looks—including this straight, tucked number. It looks simple, chic, and French all at the same time. 

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift

Back in the day, Taylor Swift was known for cascading length and ultra-tight ringlets. Fast-forward a few years and a notable chin-grazing chop later, and she consistently delivers covetable inspiration where bob haircuts for fine hair are concerned. We love the balance of layers, length, and body.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian plays around with length, cutting her hair and then adding extensions a few days later. We're partial to this slightly longer bob—lob, as we know it best—with the ends curved in and plenty of soft shine.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Lucy Hale
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Lucy Hale

We appreciate Lucy Hale for not only providing us with some of the best bob inspiration in all of Hollywood but also for plentiful styling ideas. We're particularly fond of this straightforward number (we mean that literally and figuratively) for the slightly asymmetrical cut that lends itself well to those with finer strands.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Jourdan Dunn
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Jourdan Dunn

Ever the hair chameleon, Jourdan Dunn shows us a modern take on the classic bob, featuring chic bends and waves, well-placed layers, and high-brow bangs.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan's chin-grazing bob always offers up the perfect loose texture with a bit of grit. To add volume to thinner hair, try a deep side part and flip the shortest front pieces over to one side. 

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Miranda Kerr
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Miranda Kerr

Prim and polished, model Miranda Kerr manages to blend a bit of Old Hollywood glamour (those curls, though) with some fresh allure thanks to subtle asymmetry and an ultra-deep side part.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo does Old Hollywood glamour just as impeccably as she does a modern wet look or slicked-back high pony. Here, she offers up that classic look with her enviable bob, with big, voluminous mermaid waves and a deep side part.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart

Let's face it. Kristen Stewart is the queen of mastering every edgy hair look we've ever coveted from afar. However, this wavy take (a great option for hair craving a boost of body) presents a happy medium.

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Joan Smalls
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Joan Smalls

The model never seems to do any wrong in the hair department and is always a source of inspiration where cut, color, and style are concerned. That being said, this slightly androgynous number is not only stunning, but it's also a smart play if you're trying to disguise not-so-thick strands. 

Bobbed hairstyles for fine hair: Kate Mara
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Kate Mara

Typically, we look to actress Kate Mara for head-turning inspiration when it comes to color (she's gone from brunette to copper to blonde and back again), but she's also had some drool-worthy haircuts as of late. We love this breezy bob for its long layers and polished texture.

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