14 Bob Braid Styles for Every Personality

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For natural hair, braids are a classic and reliable style: they help protect your delicate strands while they grow and soak in the creams and oils you or your braider so lovingly applies before each styling. They’re just as suitable for a chic brunch or wedding season as they are for more casual outings, especially when you opt for bob braids, or a braided bob. Whether you’re curious about longer bob braids (a braided lob, perhaps?) or super-short, chin-length bob braids, these below examples show that bob braids aren’t going anywhere—and for good reason.

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Metallic Accessories

Bob Braids Metallic Accessories


Sometimes you just need those ‘90s baddie vibes, and adding in some metallic cuffs is just the right amount of throwback flair. If the look isn’t eye-catching enough, just keep adding more accessories.

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Subtle Details

Bob Braids Subtle Details


Thicker braids with some unique details, like a metallic cuff and a few locs added throughout, makes the look feel more artful, especially when paired with softly waved baby hair.

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Clean and Simple

Bob Braids Clean and Simple


A long, classic take on bob braids allows you to highlight delicate collarbones as the braids sweep gently downward, framing the face.

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Add Locs

Short Hairstyles for Black Hair Loc Bob Willow Smith

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Curious about bob braids, but want to take it to the next level? Try out locs. Perfect for natural hair, especially if you add hair for a full, thick look, a style like this creates a powerful, gorgeous vibe.

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Middle Part

Bob Braids Middle Part


If the 2010s were the age of the side part, this decade, it’s all about the middle part. Bring your face to the forefront by selecting a center part for your bob braids.

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Blonde Bob Braids

If you’ve been dreaming of going blonde, why not make today the day to finally go for it? These blonde bob braids are just right for the person ready to commit. So go for it, and wait for the likes to roll in on the selfie that’s sure to come.

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Colorful Bob Braids

Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair Colorful Amandla Stenberg


The fun is never-ending with this look. Level up your bob braids with some strips of gorgeous color—we love how the pastel blue frames Amandla Stenberg's face and contrasts their otherwise golden brown braids.

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Deep Side Part

Bob Braids Deep Side Part


While we love a sharp middle part, there’s something about a deep, deep side part that feels early 2000s in the best way. Paired with on-trend shades like these, side-parted bob braids give off a distinctly trendy vibe.

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Short Box Braids

Short Hairstyles for Black Hair Box Braids Marsai Martin

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Sometimes, keeping it simple with a clean set of box braids is the perfect way to go. With clear beads to secure the ends and a statement makeup look, you can't go wrong.

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Touch of Red

Bob Braids Red


Sure, bob braids can be neat and tidy, but they can also lean much more free-spirited, especially if you choose a color like bright red. Play with your baby hair and form a few curly-qs and you’ll feel like a walking Instagram Story filter.

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Ombré Bob

Bob Braids Ombre


Ombré is the ever-evolving hair trend. This box braids look puts a very 2020 twist on the ombré trend by applying it to short braids, each tied off with a silver cuff.

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Tribal Inspired

A single cowrie shell on either side of your face is a creative and visually impactful way to frame your features. If you or your braider are really ready to commit, weave gold and blonde strands throughout your bob braids for an extra punch.

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Heavily Accessorized

You know the way that walking down a hallway in a good pair of heels makes you feel? Or how you feel when you’re typing with fresh nails, listening to the click-clack of your progress? These heavily accessorized braids will make you feel just as seen, and just as powerful.

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Golden Braids

Bob Braids Golden


Turn up the heat by adding warm tones to your bob braids. These golden-brown box braids woven with the darker hair provide a casual, easy-going look that’ll be easy to replicate.

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