28 Blunt Cut Bobs That'll Inspire You to Make the Chop

There's something for everyone.

vanessa hudgens with blunt bob haircut with bangs

Vanessa Hudgens / Byrdie

The blunt cut bob that we might usually associate with Uma Thurman in Kill Bill or Velma Kelly from Chicago looks clean, sleek, and razor-sharp. The look might sound intimidating and difficult to pull off, but with a seasoned stylist to execute it, a blunt cut can work well on every hair texture, face shape, and personal style with ease. Whether you opt for asymmetrical and pin-straight or curly and tousled, you can still get all the volume, shape, and texture that we're usually lauding layers for (believe it or not).

Below, find 28 blunt cut bobs that will convince you to make the chop once and for all.

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Textured Waves

Blunt Bobs Textured Waves Ella Mai

Getty Images

You can always give a blunt bob some extra volume by styling in some textured waves. (This look used a flat iron on low heat and a good texturizing spray.)

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Clean Lines

Blunt Bob Clean Lines Geraldine Viswanathan


When you don't have any layers to hide behind and "every flaw is on display," clean lines are essential. You have to admire the amount of discipline that goes into cutting a blunt style that's perfect from every angle.

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Smooth & Textured

Blunt Bob Smooth Textured Jennifer Lopez

Getty Images

No, you don't have to stick to layers if you have naturally fine hair. In fact, a blunt cut gives the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair. (And the final results of this cut are everything.)

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Blunt Braids

Blunt Bobs Braids Marsai Martin

Getty Images

Shoulder-length braids with blunt, even ends are reason enough to make the chop. (Get more braid inspo here.)

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Add Some Volume

Blunt Bobs Volume Taylor Hill


Sometimes, subtle graduation (aka shaping of the hair that removes internal bulk and length without adding external layers) makes all the difference. Taylor Hill's cut has effortless volume and is great for those who love to alternate between a sleek blowout and wavier textures.

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Wispy Bangs

Blunt Bobs Wispy Bangs Orion Carloto


Add some wispy bangs and a messy, tousled texture to your blunt cut bob for a chic, "undone" finish.

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Retro Vibes

Blunt Bobs Retro Keke Palmer


Even though you might not have as much hair to work with when you make the chop, the styling possibilities are endless with blunt cut bobs (like that of Keke Palmer's retro style featuring flipped-out ends).

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Asymmetrical Bob

Blunt Bobs Asymmetrical Naomi Watts

Getty Images

While an asymmetrical bob is certainly on the edgier side, it's a great way to play with length, shape, and volume—while also bringing dimension and attention to your face. Win-win.

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Super-Subtle Waves

Blunt Bobs Subtle Waves Taylor Lashae


Combine straight, blunt ends with a wavier, soft body (we recommend a great hair gel) and side part for a bob that's both modern and retro at the same time.

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Sleek Waves

Blunt Bobs Sleek Waves Cardi B

Getty Images

Give your gorgeous texture the spotlight it deserves. With a shorter length, you can turn the volume on a wavy style all the way up.

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All the Curls

Blunt Bobs Curly Bangs Alanna Arrington

Getty Images

Pair your curls with blunt bangs and ends for an always-bouncy, always-alluring style.

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Subtle Layers

Blunt Bobs Subtle Layers


You can still add some layers to a blunt cut bob: With super-subtle pieces adding some shape and volume, you'll be surprised by how much extra movement you'll get.

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Pin Straight

Blunt Bobs Pin Straight Rosamund Pike

Getty Images

Put your flawless chop on display with a perfect, pin-straight style. (Our favorite flat irons and styling products can help with that.)

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Chin-Length Braids

Blunt Bobs Chin-Length Braids


Make a statement with chin-length box braids that are short and lightweight enough for summer (but also perfect for rocking year-round).

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Long Blunt Bob

Blunt Bobs Long Lob Selena Gomez

Getty Images

We always love a long bob moment—and you can take the look up a notch with a blunt chop.

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Voluminous Curls

Blunt Bobs Curly Yara Shahidi

Getty Images

Got curly hair? Amp up the volume by cutting it short, with blunt ends that play with shape, volume, and bounciness.

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Soft & Straight

Blunt Bobs Soft Straight Da'Vine Joy Randolph

Getty Images

When less is more: For soft, straight, and touchable hair, keep things healthy with a sleek, chin-length bob. (A middle part is a nice touch, too.)

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Flipped Ends

Blunt Bobs Flipped Ends Hailey Bieber

Getty Images

This look has all the '90s vibes. With blunt ends, you can easily flip them in when you style them for a chic, sleek, and vintage look that's still totally classic.

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Chic Fringe

Blunt Bobs Celebrity Fringe Bangs Rihanna

Getty Images

Give off rocker-chic vibes with a blunt cut bob that features wispy bangs and a tousled texture.

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Sleek Silhouette

Blunt Bobs Sleek Silhouette Irina Shayk

Getty Images

A slightly asymmetrical, side-swept silhouette is the perfect way to add an edge to an otherwise sleek and simple blunt bob.

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Soft Finish

Blunt Bobs Soft Tiffany Haddish

Getty Images

The best part about cutting your ends is obsessing over how healthy they suddenly are—show them off with a straight finish.

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Blunt Bobs S Waves Jennifer Lawrence

Getty Images

Show off those blunt ends with some super-soft waves. Get ready—you won't be able to stop running your fingers through this touchable texture.

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Platinum Perfection

Blunt Bobs Platinum Michelle Williams

Getty Images

Who knew a simple bob could make this much of a statement? Pair a blunt cut with a platinum hue for a cool-as-can-be final result.

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Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bobs Bangs Vanessa Hudgens


It's always a good idea to add bangs. Pair your blunt ends with some blunt fringe, and soften things up with some subtle waves styled in.

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Chic & Undone

Blunt Bobs Undone Zendaya

Getty Images

Customize your blunt cut bob to your liking: Highlight your features and give the cut some extra shape by pairing it with piece-y, face-framing fringe.

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Short & Sweet

Blunt Bobs Short Kaia Gerber

Getty Images

A chin- or jawline-length bob is one of the shortest lengths you can get without going for a pixie cut—and you'll still have enough length to work with regardless of the occasion.

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Side-Swept Curls

Blunt Bobs Side-Swept Curls Taraji P. Henson

Getty Images

If your natural texture allows, zero layers will give you the perfect bouncy curls. (Just don't forget your favorite trusty curly-hair products.)

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Layer-less Volume

Blunt Bobs Volume Bella Hadid

Getty Images

This sleek chin-length style features soft, blunt ends—all one length, but with volume nonetheless. No layers, no problem.

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