9 Celebrities Who Made Blunt Bangs Really, Really Chic

Bangs are quite polarizing—they have the power of changing your look so drastically that they cause a bit of an uproar once they're snipped (as evidenced herehere, and here) and elicit a bit of fear in whomever decides to make the chop (our contributor fantasized about French-girl bangs and later regretted the move). But when executed properly, bangs can make a beautiful statement. 

Though, perhaps the hardest type of bang to grow accustomed to is blunt bangs. They're cut a bit thicker than a Parisian fringe or curtain bangs and don't allow for too much movement (without product and hair accessories to keep them in place), but we've seen celebrities perfectly execute a heavier, straight-line bang time and time again. Admittedly, even though bangs are trending in 2019, we had to dig in the archives to find our favorites, but we have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more in the coming months.

Jessica Biel bangs
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Leave it to Jessica Biel to consistently be able to stylishly wear bangs on and off for over a decade (she even wore short, side-swept bangs to her wedding!). We especially love this blunt look grazing just below her eyebrows.

Kerry Washington bangs
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Kerry Washington's straight bangs juxtaposed with a wavy lob perfectly frames her oval face and (killer) bone structure. 

Ariana Grande
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When Ariana Grande traded in her signature tight, high ponytail for, well, a tight, high ponytail (but with the addition of bangs), the internet collectively lost it. The extra-long fringe is quite flattering on the singer and a nice change-up from her usual go-to look. 

Zendaya bangs
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We were a huge fan of Zendaya's curly shag with matching curly bangs and are equally as jazzed about her sleek bob and pin-straight fringe. 

Liv Tyler bangs
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Liv Tyler's blunt bangs are met with longer pieces on the sides to help blend into the rest of hair better, but left out in a updo, they help soft the dissonance. 

We can't remember a time Rashida Jones didn't have bangs, but the look certainly works for the actress. (Don't fix what isn't broken, right?)

Constance Wu
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Constance Wu proved that short bangs can be red carpet-worthy too, pairing them with a wavy lob (and sequins!) at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar party. 

Naomi Campbell
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This wavy shag on Naomi Campbell is the '70s disco hair of our dreams. 

Rose Byrne bangs
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Rose Byrne oscillates between having and not having bangs, and we've got to say, thick fringe suits the actress well. Here, she's swept them to the side, proving that blunt bangs don't have to be taken at face value.

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