9 Celebrities Who Made Blunt Bangs Really, Really Chic

Bangs are quite polarizing—they have the power of changing your look so drastically that they cause a bit of an uproar once they're snipped (as evidenced herehere, and here) and elicit a bit of fear in whomever decides to make the chop (our contributor fantasized about French-girl bangs and later regretted the move). But when executed properly, bangs can make a beautiful statement. 

Though, perhaps the hardest type of bang to grow accustomed to is blunt bangs. They're cut a bit thicker than a Parisian fringe or curtain bangs and don't allow for too much movement (without product and hair accessories to keep them in place), but we've seen celebrities perfectly execute a heavier, straight-line bang time and time again. Admittedly, even though bangs are trending in 2019, we had to dig in the archives to find our favorites, but we have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more in the coming months.