38 Blue Ombré Hair Color Ideas to Try

From cerulean to navy, find the blue hue that's right for you.

ombre blue hair

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Maybe we can thank Billie Eilish or Lady Gaga’s 2019 Oscars look for blue hair trending upwards. But any way you slice it, you can count us in.

Of course, we're always obsessing over bright hair dyes and unexpected shades like magenta and mint green—and when you (or a trusted colorist) combine a cool color with the ombré technique, it's instantly cooler.

But be warned: These styles certainly aren't for the faint of heart. So if you're a beauty risk-taker ready to leap into uncharted azure territory, we've got you covered with all the inspiration you need, plus expert tips on how to achieve.

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Below, you can check out the best blue ombré hairstyles we found on Instagram, with every shade of the spectrum represented—cerulean, navy, sapphire, and beyond—so you can find the blue hue and accompanying style that's right for you.

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Blunt, Soft Ends

Blue Blunt Ombre Hair


Nothing like that fresh-out-of-the-salon-chair chop, right? Pair a blunt, choppy cut with a faded turquoise hue for an instantly wearable look. (Our favorite smoothing serums should help you out). And to keep things healthy with blue hair, keep it hydrated. "My best advice is to always use a professional haircare product," says colorist Richy Kandasamy. "Once or twice a week, use a hydrating hair mask like R+Co Gemstone Ultra Shine Glossing Treatment ($38). "

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Dip-Dyed Ends

dip dyed natural hair


Nothing says casual-cool like braided, edgy-hued hair. If you have natural hair in a protective style, a low-maintenance dip-dyed look could be perfect for you. Keep in mind, though, that some curly-haired types might suffer from dryness, and dye can exacerbate that. So keep things well-moisturized. "Dry hair is hereditary, especially for curly and coily hair," stylist Mark Townsend says, suggesting a leave-in conditioner once per week to fight the dryness.

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Cobalt Lob

Cobalt Blue bob


We love a good hyper-pigmented moment—the saturated blue works perfectly with the natural, subtle streaks near the roots. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a blunt long bob and tousled waves. For this look, ask your stylist to concentrate the pigment near the bottom of the hair, for a hyper-saturated ombré look.

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Braided Bun

Worried about styling aqua-hued hair for swankier events? Don't be. Pile bright blue braids in a high bun with loose strands hanging down. So chic. (Plus, the bun shows off the variegated stripes and shades of blue).

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Ice, Ice Baby

How cool is this perfectly icy look with denim ends and silvery roots? Dyed ombré hair can be ultra-soft and glam, rather than severe—especially when paired with tousled beach waves. This look goes from dark blue to a gray shade near the ends. The locs add texture and dimension.

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Bleach and Blue

We're always down for a platinum blonde moment. Of course, add some blue ombré in and we're smitten—the powdery shade chosen here complements the bleached top perfectly. Platinum can be especially drying, warns Townsend, who offers the following tip to keep dyed or bleached hair hydrated: "Shampoos can be very harsh for dry hair and they are most needed to cleanse the scalp so coat the length of your hair (a few inches from the scalp to ends) with a conditioner like Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner ($8)," he says. After applying the conditioner, wash as usual and rinse it all out.

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Berry Hues

We're obsessed with this indigo style that fades into violet tips. Why choose between two colors if you don't have to? Be aware, though, that any hair color has the potential to damage hair if not applied correctly. If you end up noticing damage, says Kandasamy, visit a professional. "A bond-builder treatment recommended by a professional is a must," he says.

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Asymmetrical Moment

This may be the official hairstyle for beauty risk-takers. As if an asymmetrical bob isn’t bold enough, this look takes it one step further with ultra-dimensional blue and green dye. Ensure that the stylist treats the bangs with the ombré look, to keep the style cohesive.

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Acid-Washed Locks

Gray had its hair moment, but what about acid-washed sky blue? Try a silvery mix with vibrant roots and soft ends. For a similar look without the damage, try air-drying the hair or wearing it in a braid while damp. "Remember the less hot tool use, the better," says Kandasamy. "Also, always use products that provide UV and heat protection."

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Over the Rainbow

Again, why choose just one color? This look starts with natural roots, then cascades into an ombré rainbow of soft pinks and purples finished off with aquamarine ends. This is the kind of hair that makes you feel instantly happier.

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Natural Roots

Whether you’re naturally blonde, brunette, or redhead, keeping your natural looks with an ultra-vibrant hue (in this case, blonde with blue) is always a good idea so you don't need to worry about frequent touch-ups. Ask your stylist for a stretched or shadow root to replicate this style.

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Blue Balayage

This balayage look—which is, essentially, ombré with more highlights throughout and less "color-blocking"—is goals. Colorists can usually free-hand here, and the combination of teal streaks and natural roots is on point.

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Mermaid Hair

A flouncy bob with blended streaks that alternate between green and blue? Yes, please. This style (with her natural color peeking out from underneath) is giving us major mermaid vibes

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Subtle Blending

If you’re a natural brunette, ask for a blend of some near-navy shades for a subtler look. Some extra texture and luxe waves won't hurt either. This style works especially well on those with naturally dark hair, as the blue seemingly blends in with the black.

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High Pigment

You know what they say—go big or go home. While we love a dusty, subtle blue, we’ll always have a soft spot for bold, pigmented styles like this one, with an aqua-to-sapphire ombré. For hair with this much dye, health will be crucial. Townsend recommends treating hair with a product like GOOPGLOW Restore and Shine Hair Serum ($48), "as a pre-shampoo treatment to protect the hair from the shampoo. (Don’t worry, as you rinse the shampoo it will run down the hair shaft and rinse away the conditioner or treatment)."

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Blunt Bangs

Woman with blue ombre hairstyle and blunt bangs


How sweet is this bright-blue ‘do paired with blunt bangs and wispy ends? Depending on your hair type, all you’ll need is a good texturizing spray to go with it. 

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Sweet Topknots

Curled blue ombre hair with double topknots


You can't beat natural roots combined with nearly neon aquamarine ends. Bonus points for styling yours in two cool topknots with beach waves. Waves work to draw extra attention to the unique colors.

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Sky Blue Hues

We love a natural, dirty blonde moment—but when you mix it with dusty blue ombré ends, we’re officially in love. The flouncy curls make it ultra-wearable. For this look, have your stylist paint on the highlights, which is more subtle than the dip-dyed look.

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Stormy Blue

We’re clearly a fan of silver dye jobs, but add in some saturated turquoise dimensions and you have the perfect edgy look. (We love the traces of pigment mostly throughout the crown).

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A Neon Mane

Neon Mane


There’s something striking about seeing neon hair colors that you (obviously) wouldn't see in the wild. Maybe that's why we’re in love with this luminous green-and-blue look. (Either way, the pink earrings are the perfect finishing touch, no?). Remember that with such a saturated style, you'll need to get touch-ups more frequently (every two months or so, at least).

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Blue-Green Ombré

Woman with blue to green ombre hair with half-up space buns


Need a hairstyle for festival season? You’re in luck—the perfect denim shade meets its match with a pastel, seafoam green ombré. Top it off with topknots, of course!

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Silky Beach Waves

The hair here looks as soft and luscious as it (probably) feels. Keep your top half natural and ends royal blue for a sophisticated, (relatively) subtle take on the trend. As Townsend explains, one way to keep color like this fresh is to go easy on the shampoo. "I have many clients who shower daily after workouts and don’t feel clean if they don’t wash their hair so I tell them to use Colleen Rothschild Quench and Shine Restorative Mask ($38) instead of shampoo. You should still massage the scalp as you would with shampoo, just use this conditioner in the place of shampoo."

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Blue-and-White Braids

If you're already a braid-wearer, try spicing up your usual style with colorful ombré. We love the oscillating blue and white pieces here. 

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Turquoise Tresses

We love a good dip dye moment. No matter what your natural hair color is, rich turquoise ends give your hair an effortless vibe that doesn't look like you spent hours in a salon chair (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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All-Blue Everything

Bonus points if your hair matches your shirt! Seriously, though—this bright blue shade mixed with some lighter streaks and subtler roots gives this style so much dimension. Ask for lots of layers to really show off the dye job here.

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A Color Melt Moment

Teal ombre color melt hairstyle


Color melting consists of blending highlights with the natural base color of your hair (so there’s no obvious distinction or harsh lines and highlights between the different colors). It creates a more seamless effect if you’re not into the idea of a severe ombré. 

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Color Me Cobalt

Long, straight hair with a black to blue ombre


Make a statement with a bold, cobalt color block paired with pin-straight locks for maximum impact. (Check out our best hair-straightening faves for guidance). Shine is also key here, so invest in a shine serum.

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Side-Swept Bangs

The best way to highlight your highlights is with a great 'do. Try pairing royal blue balayage with luscious curls and effortless, side-swept bangs. And keep the dye relegated only to the ends (from the mid-lengths, down) for a more subtle look, as seen here.

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Ultraviolet Vibes

From some angles, this style might look all over purple—but when you look closely, you notice the dimension. Here, the bulk of the saturation is in the middle of the hair, for an interesting take on the look. Note the way the color blends into her natural shade toward the roots and cascades into blue tips.

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Midnight Magic

A subtle midnight color that shines when the light hits it is a great way to ease into the trend. Try pairing it with a sleek, straight bob. And ask your stylist for a color that complements your hair's natural tone, rather than compete against it. Here, for instance, the natural black hair is harmonious with the blue.

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Blue-Jean Baby

Woman with straight blue ombre hairstyle with natural dark roots


Make your blue ombré hair feel a little more "grown-up" by keeping your roots natural with dip-dyed ends. Of course, a tousled, side-parted 'do to go with it makes it ultra-sultry. Try using a texture spray to keep things casual when styling.

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Peacock Hair

Dyeing your hair might be a commitment, but, again, that doesn't mean you have to commit to only one color. Take a page from this post and pick two shades to color-block together. Work with your stylist to pick shades that will make sense and work well together.

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Cerulean Curls

A dye job as stunning as this deserves a hairstyle to match. Pair a cerulean color (featuring a splash of turquoise) with a bouncy, natural bob. For this style, ask the stylist to apply the color so that some of your natural shade still peeks out at the roots.

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Blue and Gold

Take an unexpected color combination and turn it on its head. Sapphire and golden blonde complement each other perfectly here—especially with a “reverse ombré” situation featuring saturated blue roots. 

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Indigo Locks

We'll admit it: We're a bit partial to tousled bobs when it comes to ombré. We love the way the gradient starts subtle with natural roots, then cascades into ultraviolet, indigo pieces blended to perfection.

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Choppy Bob

Dark to light curled blue ombre hairstyle with starfish clip


Try a choppy, wispy bob with navy roots and arctic-blue highlights. A whimsical, nautical hair clip, of course, is the perfect finishing touch to match the oceanic vibes.

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Saturated Sapphire

This ultra-pigmented sapphire shade might seem a little bold at first glance, but the natural roots keep it wearable. Soften it up by styling it with bouncy curls or braids. And remember to go easy on the shampoo (try washing just a couple of times per week) to preserve that color.

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Cobalt Roots

Icy blue ombre hairstyle with dark blue roots


Looking for something eye-catching and unique? Let cobalt roots fade into a cotton candy turquoise color. The effect is dramatic, and it's worth noting to your stylist that it's the opposite of a typical ombré—with a darker color at the root and lighter shades moving down.

  • How do you dye hair blue ombré?

    You'll want to seek professional help so as not to damage your hair but when you do, ask your stylist to concentrate most of the color near the roots for a classic ombré look, which sees a shift from darker roots to lighter ends. You can also go the dip-dye ombré route, in which the ends will be the darker portion of the hair.

  • How do you maintain ombré hair?

    The best way to maintain any type of hair color—including blue ombré—is to steer clear of too much heat (i.e. sun or scalding hot water), and use color-safe products, which will help prolong your color and keep your locks healthy.

  • How much does it cost to have your hair dyed blue ombré?

    Expect to spend at least $200 on an ombré hair style, as the process could require multiple applications of dye to achieve the look you're after.

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