11 Blue Lipsticks That Are Surprisingly Wearable


Fenty Beauty

Before you count blue out, hear us out. You may have made up your mind on this wildcard shade and decided that it's not for you. But it certainly is. For those who don't believe in the power of a blue lipstick, understand that countless red lipsticks have blue undertones. So don't let this bold colorway intimidate you. You've probably worn blue-based lipsticks more often than you think. Instead of treading lightly, why not try wearing this shade alone? 

The perfect time to swipe on a sapphire shade is when you don't feel like doing the utmost with your makeup. You can lay low on the eye shadow and go subtler on your contour once you glide this unapologetic shade on—you won't need much else because your lips will do the talking. From midnight blues to deep teals, give one of the below a chance.