This Unexpected Product Has Cured My Insomnia—for Good

I don't know about you, but almost every second of my waking hours (roughly 18) is spent in front of some kind of screen. And when you factor in that I only sleep five or six hours per night, well, that's an alarming statistic, and 64,800 seconds of quality time (to be annoyingly accurate). The second I wake up, I grab my phone to scroll through Instagram and check texts and emails, a pattern that continues while I get ready, sip my first dose of coffee, and even eat breakfast. Honestly, the only time I'm 100% not on my phone is during my morning and evening commutes. Thank the heavens for L.A. traffic, huh? Without it, I'd probably be logging an extra hour or two of additional screen time. (See, fellow Angelenos? There's always a silver lining if you look hard enough.)

Since I don't live under a rock, I know this isn't a healthy practice. But I also know things like raw cookie dough, tequila shots, and stalking my ex-boyfriend's IG account are equally ill-advised. And yet, does that stop me? You can probably guess. I know I should unplug once I make it home and collapse into bed. Read a book, perhaps? Call a friend? Take a bath? All lovely ideas, of course, but my nightcap of choice is usually more IG scrolling, catching up on the internet reads I missed during the day (that work hustle, though), and a hearty helping of Netflix—the ultimate escape if I've had an especially stressful day. Oh, and sometimes I just continue to work into the wee hours of the night.