The Most Popular Blowout Style in 7 Different Cities

The blowout bar is a wondrous invention of modern society. Thanks to the many blow-dry-only salons popping up around the country, we never have to wash, dry, and style our hair ourselves ever again if we don't want to. We can simply enter the salon with a greasy mess on our heads, pony up a little cash, and then sit back with a glass of champagne as a stylist does the dirty work. Thirty minutes later, we walk out of the salon with a style light-years beyond what we could achieve ourselves. Genius.

Speaking of style, I happen to live in L.A., where Drybar is my blow-dry spot of choice, and most guests I see walk out of the salon sport a very similar look. It probably won't surprise you to know that the majority L.A. patrons request a "beachy blowout" from their stylist. I, too, fit the stereotype. I almost always leave my Drybar appointment with a head of messy waves.

But this had me thinking—this L.A. blowout can't be the go-to look in every city. What does the top-requested style look like in New York City? Or Chicago? Or Dallas? To get the stats on the most popular blowouts in different cities around the country, I consulted Drybar's founder Alli Webb. Want to see your city's most requested blowout style? Just keep scrolling.