Are You Making This Common Blow-Dryer Mistake?


The Beauty Lookbook

Blow-drying our hair ranks up there with waxing, shaving our legs, and mustering up the strength to wash our face at night—in other words, it's a task we'd rather forgo for the rest of our lives, but in the name of beauty, we do it anyway. 

And aside from the heat and loud noises hair dryers make, the amount of time that it takes is a sin. I mean, we could be doing so much more with our time. But SheFinds let us in on a little tip today: we're actually sabotaging our own drying time.

Here's the thing: There's a little vent on the back of your hair dryer (see below) that needs to be cleaned out so that the air can properly travel through. If it's clogged (usually with dust), the air won't blow as hard, thus taking up more of your precious time.



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According to SheFinds, the best way to clean out your own dryer vent is to twist it off and pull the lint out using your fingers, a Q-tip, or tweezers. If there's a paper or foam filter on top of the vent, you can wash it in warm, soapy water to clean off the gunk even better. Replace the filter and the cap, and you're good to go.

Happy drying! (As happy as it can be.)

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