6 of the Most Flattering Blonde Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

One of the most exciting things about beauty (and what we're especially passionate about here at Byrdie) is the free rein we're each allowed to exercise when it comes to our unique aesthetic. While we highly discourage choosing a new hair color solely based on the prescriptive likes of texture, skin tone, or zodiac sign (hey, we've seen it all), it's hard to argue that certain hair colors and skin undertones don't go together like bread and butter. Not a fan of the combination? Feel free to ignore us and carry on.

However, if you've been itching to go blonde, have a cool skin tone (i.e. blue or pink), and are looking for some expert guidance in the hair color department, you're in luck. After all, blonde can be particularly finicky—easily veering pallid, brassy, or a slightly confusing combination of the two. Take it from someone who has been to blonde-hair hell and back again.

So we thought we'd pick the minds of three industry-leading colorists for their recommendations on the best blonde hair colors for cool skin tones, plus plenty of their expert-approved tips. Keep reading for six ultra-flattering blonde hair colors for cool skin tones.