Your Ultimate Guide to Blonde Hair Colour

There's no such thing as blonde hair. Confused? Allow us to explain: The thing about blonde hair is that there are so many variations of the hue. There isn't just one type or shade of the hair color; there are many different versions that suit certain types of skin tones and natural hair shades. And how do we know this? We spoke to expert Melanie Smith, creative master colorist at Josh Wood, on the different shades of blonde hair. Some you may not even be aware of. For example, New York–blonde was a newbie for us. (Great name, though, right?)

Blonde Hair: The Olsens

Smith took us through the five main ways to go blonde, who they suit and what you should be asking your hairdresser. She also gave us a great tip on how to ensure you don't walk out of the hair salon disappointed, as well as the products she recommends to keep your hair in great condition. For that, plus the five blonde hair colors, we suggest you keep scrolling.


Blonde Hair: Bronde Nicole Richie
Jason Merritt /Getty Images

"Nobody would ask for a dark blonde; rather, you'd ask for a 'bronde' [darker blonde pieces in brunette hair]. This is good for people who haven't been blonde before, so it's an easy way to change. Plus, it's wearable, low maintenance and tends to suit every skin tone. However, always, always take pictures on your phone; that's my number one rule. Sometimes your hairdresser and you are talking a different language, but if you're looking at the same visual, you'll get a better result," says Smith.

Blonde Hair: Ciara
Ben Gabbe /Getty Images/Stringer

Ciara's bronde hair with grown-out roots brings out the texture in her choppy bob.

Blonde Hair: Bronde Chrissy Teigen
Jason Laveris /Getty Images/Contributor

Chrissy Teigen proves that even dark hair can embrace bronde. 

Blonde Hair: Bronde Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin /Getty Images/Contributor

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's natural soft brunette hair color lends itself to this bronde-to-blonde balayage look. 


Blonde Hair: Balayage
Gregg DeGuire /Getty Images

"Balayage in honey tones and warmer shades work really well on medium skin tones," Smith tells us. "To really get what you're after from your hairdresser, make a board on Pinterest and put on all the images that you like. Also, put some pictures in that you don't like. When I'm doing a consultation with my client, I say, 'You're not going to look like this' because it makes them relax. This rules out mistakes."

Blonde Hair: Balayage Léa Seydoux
Getty Images

Léa Seydoux's warm blonde balayage works so well with her bronze makeup look. 

Blonde Hair: Balayage Alexa Chung
Getty Images

A little balayage can lift your complexion. Alexa Chung knows this. 

Blonde Hair: Balayage Eva Longoria
Getty Images

If your hair is really naturally dark, try a warm honey blonde balayage to avoid it looking stripy.

Honey Blonde

Blonde Hair: Honey Blonde Cameron Diaz
Dave J Hogan /Getty Images

"This is a very warm color. For me, it suits most skin tones, and after 'bronde,' this is the next step into being classed as a blonde," says Smith. "This is also great if you're already blonde but want to go warmer in autumn. I'm finding that everyone's coming in super bleached after the summer, and now they want to add warmth, as it gives their face some color. This shade also works well for Afro and naturally curly hair too."

Blonde Hair: Honey Blonde Gigi Hadid
Sonia Moskowitz /Getty Images

Gigi Hadid's bleached-out honey blonde ends give her look a Californian vibe. 

Blonde Hair: Honey Blonde Blake Lively
D Dipasupil /Getty Images

How great does Blake Lively's honey-blonde hair color look? The secret is multiple tones of honey blonde wove through her lengths.

Blonde Hair: Honey Blonde Jennifer Aniston
C Flanigan/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston is the Queen of honey-blonde hair. 

Creamy Blonde

Blonde Hair: Creamy Blonde Gwyneth Paltrow
Michael Buckner /Getty Images

"This is still the most popular in salons. I'd call it a classic creamy blonde or a New York–blonde. It's just really well done with creamy, slightly warm tones. This would be best for someone quite light already, so you're already blonde or you're used to being blonde. It would be the step just under platinum," suggests Smith.

Blonde Hair: Creamy Blonde Reese Witherspoon
Getty Images/ Donna Ward /Contributor

If you want to go platinum but you're building up to it, Reese Witherspoon's creamy blonde color is the ideal stop-gap.

Blonde Hair: Creamy Blonde Sienna Miller
Dave J Hogan /Getty Images/Contributor

Sienna Miller's light blonde hair color is the dream. 

Blonde Hair: Creamy Blonde Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Getty Images

Rosie again, and this time, her balayage ends are much creamier. Perfect for summer.


Blonde Hair: Platinum Jennifer Lawrence
Pascal Le Segretain /Getty Images

"This is the opposite spectrum to the honey blonde, as this is much cooler. When we bleach, we always put ashy tones, such as with Jennifer Lawrence's hair color. But unless you're going for a high-fashion style, I wouldn't go for this look. If you do, make sure your hair is looked after. I'd use Olaplex. I also love Sachajuan products and the Josh Wood Precious Blonde range for any blonde," says Smith.

Blonde Hair: Platinum Katy Perry
Jeff Kravitz /Getty Images/Contributor

The dark roots give Katy Perry's platinum crop an edgy vibe. 

Blonde Hair: Platinum Cara Delevingne
Rex Features

You could not get more platinum than Cara's hair. We love how it juxtaposes with her dark brows. 

Blonde hair: Platinum Zoë Kravitz
Matt Baron/Rex Features/Shutterstock

If your hair is super short like Zoë Kravitz's, then you don't need to worry about bleaching it. Go forth and shine bright. 

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