I Haven't Touched Up My Unnaturally Blond Hair in 4 Months—Here's My Routine


Paley Fairman

As I left Los Angeles's Mêche salon on a Sunday evening in early March, I said a silent prayer that I wouldn't have to darken its doorstep for a very substantial amount of time. That's not because I wasn't happy with the result—to the contrary, the buttery blond color was everything I had hoped for and more—but solely due to the fact that I had spent upward of 10 hours in the salon chair getting it done. 

In truth, I hadn't expected any less of an ordeal. I've gone blond before, and my ridiculously thick (and dark) hair consistently calls for excessively long hair appointments—even blowouts. That's exactly why I tend to avoid making these appointments if I can help it, which is exactly what I told my (brilliant) stylist, Matt Rez, when I arrived at Mêche that morning. He assured me that after he was done, I wouldn't need to return for many, many weeks—months, even.

And he was right. Nearly four months later, I'm still riding out this perfectly sun-kissed blond. The other day, when I mused to a co-worker that I needed to make a hair appointment, she looked at me like I had lost my mind. "It looks even better than when you first got it done," she said. "Why bother?"

To be clear, it's not as if the golden hue hasn't grown out—the point is that Rez colored it in a way that allows for a darker root to show without looking stark or obvious. But in truth, I think that's only part (however crucial) of the puzzle. When I went blond two years ago, my hair became so damaged so quickly that I had no choice but to cut off several inches and start from scratch.

So this time, I didn't mess around: I've committed myself to a routine that keeps my hair as hydrated and healthy as possible. And in turn, my color has stayed sharp and glossy as well. Best of all, it's all decidedly low-maintenance. (This from the girl who uses a hairbrush maybe once a month.)

But what does that regimen look like? Keep reading for five essential steps to maintaining your hair color for as long as possible. (Your bank account will thank you.)