This Drugstore Face Mask Is the Key to Waking up With Glowing Skin

Updated 04/18/19

Who's with me on this quest for glowing skin? Anything that guarantees luminous skin instantly catches my eye—I don't discriminate when it comes glow-inducing products (you should see my overflowing collection of highlighters). But I've realized a truly lit-from-within, dewy complexion starts with a clean canvas. Therefore, I've prioritized skincare. I'm a mask addict—three to four times a week, you can catch me lathering up every inch of my face with some hydrating, de-clogging, or revitalizing formula my skin needs at the moment. It's a form of self-care that I take very seriously.

If I'm being honest, I'm slightly bougie when it comes to face masks. I can count on one hand how many drugstore (or at least under-$20) formulas I've tried. However, while going through a bag of new beauty products I wanted to try, I stumbled upon this Bliss What a Melon De-Stressing Overnight Mask. At the moment, the keyword "de-stressing" sounded very alluring for my tired skin. I hadn't had much success with sleeping masks in the past, but I'm not the one to give up. So I gave this a go.

Bliss What a Melon De-Stressing Overnight Mask $13

One whiff of this watermelon-infused scent was all I needed to paint it all over my face. My sensitive skin gets scared of super-strong, fragrant products, but this cruelty- and paraben-free formula smelled fresh, like a safe garden that won't flare up your allergies. I used my Moda silicone spatula face mask brush ($8) to apply an even layer. After a few minutes, the silky texture of the mask gradually sank into my skin. I love how fast-absorbing the formula is. It's like my pores drank it right up. Plus, who wants to wake up to a messy pillowcase with remnants of their face mask everywhere?

Other quick-absorbing formulas tend to dry out my already-dehydrated skin—this did the exact opposite. Thanks to its moisture-inducing ingredients, like pure watermelon extract and cucumber, it deeply hydrated my skin throughout the entire night. In the morning, I washed off the little that was left with lukewarm water and instantly saw the noticeable glow it left my skin with. And y'all, this radiance lasted the entire day. I didn't even wear foundation the morning after. Not to mention the texture of my skin felt like a soft cushion. Even my rough patches seriously felt so soft. So yeah, my beauty sleep with this mask on gave my skin a complete 360 makeover. And it looked like I'd slept for two days straight.

Here are the results:

Writer Maya Allen after using the Bliss Watermelon Mask

My lesson: Look past the price tag. This drugstore gem is only $13 a pop and works harder than many luxury overnight masks on the market. I plan to buy these in bulk, and you have my highest recommendation.

Maybe there's something in the watermelon? Byrdie editors have been keeping tabs on all of the watermelon-infused products that have launched recently, and we're fans. Shop some of our favorite watermelon skincare products below.

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