This Affordable Makeup Range Has to Be One of Our Favourite Launches This Year

Bleach London: Girl with pink hair

Bleach London has become kind of a hair mecca when it comes to dye jobs. Launched by Alex Brownsell and Sam Teasdale back in 2010, it's the go-to shop to get your hair coloured all sorts of weird, wonderful hues. Now with three locations, it's the kind of place we dreamt about in our teens, when we had to resort to arming ourselves with tubs of Directions (shout-out to everyone who knows) instead of getting it done by professionals.

Bleach has excelled at continuing to deliver exciting looks, and thankfully for us, it didn't stop with hair. In fact, back in July, the beauty world went wild at the news that Bleach was launching a punchy, affordable makeup line with Lou Teasdale, Sam's twin sister. Thanks to its high-impact eye shadows and chunky glitter pigments, beauty lovers couldn't get enough of the brands make-your-own palettes, especially considering their incredibly affordable price range.

It might have launched a few months back, but the hype has well and truly stood the test of time, as we still find ourselves rooting around in our makeup bags for Bleach products. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Keep scrolling for a look Bleach London's makeup collection and our favourite pieces.

Bleach London: Bleach Grafiteye
Bleach Grafiteye $12

A kit for the ultimate graphic-eye kit, this contains an inky liquid liner that never splatters or stutters, as well as a lash-lifting mascara.

Bleach London: Bleach Matte Le Blanc
Bleach Matte Le Blanc $12

Could you be any more impressed with this lip kit name? While this is definitely one of the more neutral colours, if you're feeling sassy, there's a blue (Washed-Up Mermaid), a black (Text Me Black) and deep purple (Bruised Violet) lip kit that are available for the same price. There's a proper red we're desperate to try as well. See more lip kits here.

Bleach London: Bleach Galixir
Bleach Galixir $12

You know when your makeup is too matte or your skin is having a particularly dry day? Then you need Galixir in your life. Simply add a couple of drops to help make your makeup more blendable. Never be cakey ever again.

Bleach London: Bleach Glitterati Palette in All That Glitters
Bleach Glitterati Palette in All That Glitters $35

Glitter makeup is having somewhat of a resurgence right now, so consider this palette as the ultimate companion for navigating the season's biggest makeup trend.

Bleach London: Bleach Contour-Nuity
Bleach Contour-Nuity $5

These creamy contour powders meld with the skin, making cheekbones pop, but the evidence barely visible.

Bleach London: Bleach Glitterati Golden Shower Eyeshadow
Bleach Glitterati Golden Shower Eyeshadow $5

Glitter isn't for everyone, but when Bleach makes it, you know it's going to be good. Use it on your eyes or all over your body.

Bleach London: Bleach Makeup Brush BB001
Bleach Makeup Brush BB001 $5

Lou Teasdale is a celebrity makeup artist, so she's often on the go, she knows the sort of makeup brushes you need in your kit. Helpfully, she's created a range of 14 brushes (including this one) for every type of makeup application need you have.

Bleach London: Bleach Sponger
Bleach Sponger $6

Every self-respecting makeup bag houses a foundation sponge to ensure a completely seamless base, and Bleach's is particularly robust (i.e., it won't crumble even if you're a little heavy-handed).

Bleach London: Bleach Small BYO Pallette
Bleach Small BYO Pallette $8

The BYO in this product stands for "build your own." We had the chance to create our own too, which is not only fun to do but it also means every colour you choose is one you love. Be aware you will have to pay for the individual shadows.

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