I Bleached My Eyebrows, and It's the Best Thing I've Ever Done

Tanya Akim

Tanya Akim

Ever since seeing Rooney Mara play Lisbeth Salander in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I’ve been obsessed with bleached eyebrows. With ultra-pale skin, baby bangs, and a plethora of piercings, my favorite female protagonist’s bleached brows added an extra component to her rebellious exterior. 

I don’t regard myself as being prim or conservative with my beauty or style choices whatsoever. I have several tattoos, a couple of hidden piercings, and I’ve never been afraid of drastic hair changes or makeup colors. 

Most of my decisions usually spawn out of impulse and boredom. My dad used to say that boredom is actually the mother of all evil—and I believe him—but in my case, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (most of) my impulse decisions. 

One night last week, I was sitting alone in my hotel room in Portugal helping a friend with her upcoming wedding and watching RuPaul’s DragRace. I’ve always said that most makeup and beauty trends stem from drag (contouring, strobing, lace-front wigs, etc.), and so I found myself intently studying RuPaul’s eyebrows. They’re super light—almost non-existent—and in drag, he’s able to wear the most gorgeous eye shadow colors without his eyes looking small or restricted (a goal of mine). RuPaul is a man of color and I am not, but I was convinced I could rock this look.

Alexander Wang models get their eyebrows bleached backstage before runway shows, so I thought, how hard could it be? 

I went out to a pharmacy and bought facial bleach and a toner (don’t you just love European pharmacies?). I got back to my hotel room and without delay, I applied the facial bleach all over my brows with a spoolie brush. I’m fortunate to have nice, full eyebrows, so I wasn’t concerned about any potential damage or breakage. I sat with the bleach for about 15 to 20 minutes so that my naturally-black brows’ color would lift completely. I wiped off the bleach with a warm washcloth and wow. I looked downright and completely different. 

With just two swipes of a washcloth, my eyes suddenly popped and looked bigger, and the hazel hues that I only saw in golden hour selfies were large and in-charge. I wanted to take the yellow color out my newly blonde brows, so I applied toner with a new spoolie and let it sit for about eight minutes. This part started to really burn. When I took off the toner, they were the perfect shade of platinum. I made sure to rub extra hyaluronic acid serum and squalene oil on the slightly-irritated skin to avoid any drying from the bleach.

Tanya Akim
Tanya Akim 

My friends commented on how high-fashion I looked, and how oddly well it suited my face. Remarks like, “Why does it look so normal on you?” were abundant. I felt like a new person. My face really opened up, and my Russian cheekbones stood out like never before. I started wearing bright eyeshadows and dark liners with more confidence than ever, which I previously thought looked harsh contrasted against my dark brows. I have a bit of a tan, which helps soften the whole look of dark hair coupled with platinum brows, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now, like any bleach blonde, I just need to figure out how to maintain my roots.

Next up: Bleaching facial and body hair 101.

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