Could You Handle Blake Lively's "The Shallows" Diet?

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Spending the greater portion of a film battling sharks, overcoming starvation, and incurring damage from the elements (all while in a string bikini, no less) may have been a tough feat for Blake Lively, and after seeing footage of her new film, The Shallows, we're fairly certain the physical and diet prep must have been a doozie. According to Lively's nutritionist, Steve Macari, and her trainer, Don Saladino, it wasn't easy, but thankfully for us, it's actually doable. The key is eating clean, loading up on morning protein, not skipping carbs (Macari says they're necessary for post-workout recovery), and following the celeb-loved 80/20 method. Keep scrolling to learn the rules Lively followed to get ready for this role.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially while working out. Macari explains that the perfect morning meal is "eggs cooked in coconut oil and a side of vegetables." This "fueled her morning workouts and helped keep her blood sugar stable throughout the day," he says. "If she's really hungry, because the human body changes all the time, she may add some gluten-free oats with some fruit," adds Saladino.

Macari made sure that Lively ate only the highest-quality foods. "This means that all fruit and vegetables were organic, fish was wild, eggs were free-range and meats were pasture-raised. This type of food ensures that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients and the least amount of toxic residue from synthetic chemicals," Macari says.

While she’s dedicated to following her diet and fitness plan, Lively does not allow herself to feel deprived because of her 80/20 rule: "80 percent of the week, you're really good, and 20 percent you leave for error and having fun," explains Saladino. Adds Macari, "Following a strict and rigid program can be very stressful, and stress of any kind can lead to hormonal balances, which work against a slim body." So what did the actress reach for during her 20% cheat time? "Pizza and pasta," he says. Us too, Blake, us too.

They're called "superfoods" for a reason. "Coconut oil and organic, soy-free dark chocolate are true superfoods," says Macari. "They can keep your metabolism running very efficiently and are a great way to stay energized throughout the day." Also try foods like Greek yogurt, quinoa, blueberries, kale, chia, oatmeal, green tea, cranberries, beets, pistachios, and broccoli.

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