Blake Lively Just Called BS on the "Post-Baby Bod"


Getty/Kevin Mazur

Have you ever noticed the great irony in our approach to celebrity pregnancy—or really, all pregnancy in general? As soon as a female A-lister gets married or appears in a photo that barely implies the presence of a “bump”—when most of the time, it’s actually due to a ripple of clothing in the breeze or an unflattering angle—the calls that she must be pregnant are front-page news on tabloids everywhere. On the flip side, as soon as a woman gives birth, she’s expected to get back into pre-baby shape within a matter of weeks—the shorter the time, the more celebratory the headline.

Jennifer Aniston wrote about the first issue in a high-profile essay for Huffington Post last month, and now, Blake Lively is addressing the unfairness of the latter in a new interview.

See what the actress had to say on the subject below.