You Need to See Blake Lively With Poison Ivy–Red Hair

If we asked you to name which celebrity has the best hair, we reckon Blake Lively would nearly always come out on top. Ever since the star got her break as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, we've been obsessed with her blonde mane. True, she played a socialite in the TV show, which required her to have perfect-looking tresses, but in real life, the A-lister's hairstyles have also become some of the most covetable.

For example, type "Blake Lively hair" into Pinterest, and you'll discover that many of the looks have been repinned tens of thousands of times. And for good reason. Whether she's just out and about in New York or attending a film premiere, the star's hair is always in top condition. She'll try out new trends, such as the '80s curly hair look that's made a comeback, but she also pulls off the more classic Hollywood glamour styles. Oh, and she is not afraid of a hair accessory.