Blake Lively Might Have Just Cut Off Half of Her Signature Golden Hair

Updated 10/11/17
Getty/Andrew Toth

We're so used to associating Blake Lively with her long blonde hair that picturing her with anything else is difficult, if not impossible. It's kind of her signature thing, just like cherry-red lipstick is Taylor Swift's thing and a smoked-out cat eye is Victoria Beckham's thing. Ever since she hit the Hollywood scene as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, her golden locks have remained our number one shining example of longhair goals.

Until now, that is. Last night, Lively attended a screening of her new movie, All I See Is You, in Los Angeles with an Old Hollywood 1940s-esque shoulder-length chop. Or so it appears; it’s possible that Lively hasn’t actually taken the haircut leap, and that her chic lob is the result of bobby pins, hair spray, and a little expert genius. Either way (no matter how temporary it may be), we’re obsessed with the new look. Keep scrolling to see the photo.


The side-parted lob is so simple yet chic. Lively's hairstylist Rod Ortega shared a photo on Instagram of the transformation, including #haircut in the caption. This makes us think that maybe Lively decided to commit to the short-haired lifestyle after all, though there's no evidence of chopped ends. It's possible Ortega rolled up Lively's strands and pinned them to give the appearance of shorter hair. (Celebs like Gigi Hadid have done this in the past.) We wouldn't be surprised if this were the case since Lively hasn't switched up her hair too often in the past—like we said, long blonde hair is kind of her calling card.

What we can say with certainty is that Lively added some brighter highlights to her locks. We're fans of the brighter, more reflective color, especially when paired with a velvety red lip like hers. If you're a fellow blonde, keep your tone light and true by using a toning product like eSalon's Tinted Love Color Enhancer ($15).

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