Blake Lively Is Almost Unrecognizable With a Brunette Pixie Cut

blake lively

Raymond Hall / Getty Images

If there ever was a celebrity who had standout, trademark hair, it would be Blake Lively. Her golden-blonde California-girl strands are highly respected and highly adored throughout the beauty world (us included), which is why we pay attention to her haircare and styling routine (which involves mayonnaise by the way—not kidding).  

Now, though, her famous hair might be no more. This week, she took to Instagram to debut her newest look, which was spurred by a role she's playing in an upcoming movie. The new style is pretty much the exact opposite of the one we're familiar with, and we're totally surprised. If you're like us, then you never expected to see Lively with a brunette pixie cut.

She posted this image to her Instagram, with the caption #theRythmSectionMovie, along with an emoji of a dark-haired boy (Like her husband, Ryan Reynolds, Lively isn't afraid to poke fun at herself.) She's currently filming the upcoming movie, which explains the dramatic and unexpected hair switch-up. Even her naturally light brows have been dyed to match the raven color of her locks.

To us, this new 'do kind of makes her look like Katie Holmes. Though we never expected to see her with it, we don't hate it. On the contrary, we love seeing celebs take beauty risks, even if it's for a new role. 

It's not yet clear whether Lively actually cut and dyed her hair, or if it's an expertly placed wig. We were fooled once before when she debuted a hyper-realistic looking bob (which was all thanks to her expert celeb hairstylist), so we're guessing it's the latter. After all, she's kept her hair basically the same color, style, and length for years. 

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