Is Blake Lively a Brunette Now?

An investigation.

Blake Lively in red lipstick

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There's been a ton of newness in Blake Lively's life in the past few months, with the most obvious thing being that back in September 2022, Lively announced that baby number four is on the way. And on January 27, it appeared that the actor made yet another change, switching her signature golden hair for brunette curls—or so we thought.

blake lively brown hair seflie


The OG Gossip Girl star shared a selfie to her Instagram Story where she has dark chocolate brown hair instead of blonde. The hairstyle is retro through and through, with a deep side part and voluminous Old Hollywood waves and pinup bangs.In the story post, a peak of her bralette with black straps across the chest and fishnet peers through her gorgeous brown locks. Lively's glam matched her hairstyle with red lipstick and a brown smokey eye—it's a look that's pretty classic boudoir, which is a stark contrast from the boho, Grandma-chic vibes she usually sticks to.

After some digging, it appears that this is not actually a new look for lively, but a throwback photo of her hair in her film The Rhythm Section. She had previously posted a photo of the whole look back in 2020.

So why did she post this now? The song she chose to play over the story, "Lily" by The Smashing Pumpkins may offer us a clue. It was just announced that Lively was cast as Lily Bloom in a film adaptation of Colleen Hoover's bestselling novel It Ends with Us, so we can assume she's preparing to go brunette for the role.

Although this is an older photo of Lively, her hair color is still so covetable if you're looking for inspo on how to delve into the dark chocolate hair trend. Her brunette has auburn undertones, which is ideal for the colder months. "What makes a rich dark chocolate brunette beautiful is the multiple tones which help reflect light," George Papanikolas, celebrity hair colorist and Matrix Brand Ambassador, previously told Byrdie. "These dark, tone-on-tone nuances help to reflect light and give the hair natural movement."

We're patiently waiting to see if this throwback photo indicates which hair color Lively will be sporting in the coming months, whether it's for her role, or in real life. In the meantime, we'll save it to our camera rolls as inspo.

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