Why Am I Getting Blackheads on My Cheeks? Here's How to Fix (and Prevent) Them

Here's how it usually goes: Your skin is thriving and you feel like you've got it going on. Because who doesn't like glowing, smooth, and clear skin? Then, suddenly, a pesky blackhead decides to pop up. Even more annoying, maybe a few of them arrive at the same time (since they usually like to show up unannounced in batches). Blackheads normally like to plant a seat on your nose, but that doesn't mean they don't wander. If you're getting blackheads on your cheeks, you're not alone—it's a problem area that gathers a lot of dirt and debris over time and causes clogged pores which turn into blackheads.

They look and feel so deep, which is why it seems like there's no way to get rid of stubborn blackheads on cheeks, because they've pushed past the surface of your skin. However, you can. It takes a lot of skin discipline, like exfoliating and cleansing with products powerful enough to kiss them goodbye. This problem is not talked about enough, so we tapped several dermatologists to share exactly how to solve it. A thorough guide below.