14 Stunning Examples of Black Women With Fades

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith wears a textured fade haircut.

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Rocking cropped hair for some might feel like an "only you can pull that off" style. While trying on short hair does mean putting your face and one-of-a-kind features on full display, cropped cuts aren't one size fits all. There many variations to short haircuts, and we're here to showcase one of those options: the fade. We might be meeting you at a beauty roadblock at the thought of rocking a fade, but we've rounded up 14 styles that look great on a variety of face shapes.

We have visuals of fades in their traditional style alongside fades with cool undercuts, bright tips, and a wealth of hair textures. Even if you're not ready to take the plunge into trying on a fade just yet, each of these looks will give you hair envy and could even inspire you to try a new hair color or a short do that might eventually morph into a fade as you grow more comfortable with short hair. Keep reading to see the fades we love.

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Textured Fade

Jodie Turner-Smith shows us that rocking a fade can encompass a mix of structure and texture. To keep your coils hydrated, don't forget to deep condition even if you're rocking a cropped cut. To recreate the curls here, try a roller set to skip overheating and potentially damaging the hair. Then, follow up by fluffing and structuring the hair with a pick, then lock in the look with hairspray—and apply a bold lip color for good measure.

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Orange Fade with a Side Part

When rocking a short fade, don't shy away from playing with texture and color. Here we see how the beautiful orange hue complements the skin. To keep bright ginger hair color vibrant, try using a conditioner like OVertone Extreme Orange Daily Conditioner made exclusively for orange hair.

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Auburn Fade

Playing with geomatic shapes isn't just for kids on the playground. Adding designs to the side of the head adds your very own unique take to a classic. The addition of shapes might require more visits to the salon, so talk to your stylist or barber to iron out how often you'll have to schedule appointments.

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Two-Toned Fade

Going full throttle with cropped hair, in our opinion, is a beauty do. Try it all at the same time for a fade that speaks to you and your stylist's creativity. With the color variation, using a shampoo like Olaplex's No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo will help keep color vibrant while rebuilding the hair bonds to keep the hair healthy and strong.

What Is a Fade?

The term "fade"—a tightly tapered men's hairstyle—originated in Black-owned barbershops. The style in its traditional form uses clippers to cut the sides and back of the hair closely with clippers leaving length at the top.

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Ice Blue Fade

This icy blue fade puts the 'F' in fabulous. However, this hairstyle likely requires bleaching and heat to achieve the varied hues and feathered look. To keep the hair healthy and vibrant, add heated, hydrating conditioning treatments to your weekly routine. If you like to multitask while deep conditioning, a microwavable Hot Head thermal cap lets you get the laundry done while your hair gets the love it needs.

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Loc'd Fade

Locs offers up so much versatility. If short hair is more your vibe, ask your stylist for a loc'd fade crafted to compliment your face shape. Whether you keep your locks short or let them grow long, a fade still pairs well.

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Neon Pink Fade

Does anyone else have a craving for cotton candy? Us too. The beautiful, bright fade is a reminder that living out loud is always a great thing. Your stylist will likely recommend an at-home regimen to help keep the pink poppin', but if you're looking for suggestions, a depositing conditioner can be a big help. Moroccanoil 's Color Depositing Masks come in nine shades, including a hibiscus color perfect for cotton candy-colored hair.

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Fuchsia Fade

Fuchsia hair can work on various skin tones, and this fuchsia fade gives what it's supposed to give: hair envy. Aftercare will be essential since getting this color requires bleaching, so don't skip deep conditioning sessions.

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Geometrical Fade

The curls, the geometric design, and the face-framing cut are the perfect mix. To prevent the need to curl the top of the hair daily, try pin curling and wrapping it in an adjustable Grace Eleyae Silk Turban to ensure your hair stays secure all night long.

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Coily Fade

A fade and long coils might not seem like a good mix, but this photo shows us that they don't only look great together, but they're a perfect match. To keep curls thriving, twist or pineapple the curls in silk scrunchie and wrap the entire head in a silk scarf before bed to keep the scalp and hair protected.

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Ginger Fade

We love this fresh ginger fade. To recreate the coils at the length, you can twist out, wash-n-go, or finger coil. With three options, we know you'll achieve beautiful curls. To refresh curls, add a leave-in like Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-in Conditioner Spray to half a bottle of water in a continuous spray to spritz your curls when they feel parched.

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Ombre Curly Fade

Fades and texture are a duo beloved by hairstylists and hair lovers alike. If you're feeling adventurous, ask your stylist for a custom color that fits the season, your mood, your creativity, or all three.

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Blonde Curly Fade

A fade doesn't mean cutting off all of your hair. In this case, there is a full head of beautiful blonde curls coupled with the traditional fade.

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Loc'd Fade

Pairing long locks with a fade adds some edge (if that's what you're looking for) and seems to be pretty low maintenance. You may have to see a loctician and barber during separate appointments. But if you do a little research on Instagram or by word of mouth, you might be able to find a talented stylist that can do it all.

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