Another Season, Another Nail Horoscope: Find the Spring Manicure for Your Sign

Is choosing how to paint your nails the most important decision you'll make today? Probably not. But that's just the appeal. And we're here to offer some inspiration by way of the stars.

For some mysterious reason, we've always been kind of obsessed with catering our beauty habits to our zodiac signs. We've consulted astrologists to help us figure out what skincare regimen to use and even what workout routines to follow. And when brands come out with astrology-themed eye shadow or lipstick collections, we are all over it. But why?

Well, according to Rory Lula McMahan, resident diviner at Base Coat nail salon in Los Angeles, there's a reason we love modeling our looks after our signs. "By paying attention to your astrological style, there is no struggle to squeeze into an image or a fad. It is just about being your own true self all the time," she says. "Because who doesn't feel more confident when wearing the colors, symbols, and trends that are 100% you?" To McMahan, the explanation is simple: Catering your look to your astrological sign feels so good because it's personal. "And when it comes to beauty, authenticity always shines as the brightest star of all."

So this time, we're talking nail art. We asked McMahan to put together a minimalistic spring nail art horoscope for every astrological sign. McMahan created each of these designs personally and made sure they were basic enough that anyone could do them. Each of these designs requires just three materials: a black or white nail polish (depending on your personal design), an acrylic or water-based paint for the nail art design, and a fine-tipped art brush. Pro tip: Make sure to let two coats of nail polish dry completely before applying your nail art. McMahan says that by using paints instead of nail polish, you can just use water to wipe off the image and start over if you make a mistake.

So without further ado, a minimalistic spring manicure for every sign of the zodiac…

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