These Spooky Black-Tip Nails Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit

A moody take on the classic French.

Black manicure with stitched tip accent nails


Fall is officially here and, if you're anything like us, that means along with visions of pumpkin spice everything and apple-picking adventures galore comes a whole lot of Halloween prep. While fall-scented candles, spooky-cute décor, and costumes are obviously at the top of the list, we can't help but ask: Aren't you forgetting something?

Your nails, of course! See, many people often forget that manicures go far beyond making your nails look healthy—they're basically a hand-picked accessory to wear every day for up to two weeks (if you opt for gels, that is). As such, along with all your basic seasonal planning (hi, same; it's not a bad thing), we urge you to start brainstorming the manicure you're going to wear in the weeks leading up to the big day (a.k.a. October 31). And, not just any manicure, but a trendy black-tipped nail look that's nothing short of witchin'.

Not sure how a black-tipped manicure can go beyond, well, plain black tips? Ahead, we share 12 of our favorite black-tip nail art ideas, just in time for spooky season.

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French Dots

Love a French manicure but want to take it up a notch this Halloween? Try thickening the tips and adding a few delicate dots to create a more multi-dimensional classic.

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Stitched Accents

Glossy black manicure with stitched French tip accent nails


Why stop at plain black tips when you can bring spooky stitching into the mix? This glossy mani does just that. While you could go for a full black-tip French manicure with white stitching if you'd like, this one reserves the design for accent nails for a minimalist result that's easy to wear all fall long.

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Spooky Black Tips

This delicate mani goes a step further on the witchy spectrum by adding hints of astrology to the mix. Since the look is super intricate, this one might be best left to the pros, so be sure to get your manicurist on speed dial or find a good set of decals.

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Glitter Double French

Double French manicure with glitter and black tips


A French manicure is one of the easiest ways to rock black-tip nails, and this one takes it to the next level by adding a second layer of silver glitter. Fitting with your spookiest outfits but equally a chic design year-round, this double French mani is one worth saving for inspiration.

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Black and Red

If you're head over heels for all things spooky, show your love for the Halloween season with these devilish black and red tips. For extra eye-catching allure, use a bright neon red.

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Classic French Tips

Black-tip French manicure with slight V shape


If you crave a classic French manicure but just want to swap the colors to fit the season, by all means. To give it a teeny twist, however, pair the tips with a trendy V-shape that looks like polished perfection from every angle.

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Minimalist Black Tips

Black French manicure with gold star studs


Love the look of black polish, but not about a full jet-black mani? You're not alone. For a more minimalist approach to spooky, Halloween-ready nails, recreate this mixture of thin French tips and well-placed stars. Très chic.

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Black and White

Not ready to go all black with your nail look? This black and white example might be right up your alley. Plus, for anyone who asks, you can say that it's supposed to be a yin-yang Halloween costume for your nails.

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Abstract Black Tips

Shimmer manicure with glossy black curving French tips


Who said black-tipped nails have to be perfectly French? This abstract swoop nail art makes a case for thinking outside the box (er, line) this Halloween.

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Sure, all-black French tips are pretty and all, but add a fully blinged-out statement tip into the mix and just… wow. To recreate the look, glue flat-backed gemstones to the tip of your nail. Since they're circular, you may want to first paint on a white or metallic silver tip so that the nail that shines through looks cohesive with the gems.

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Pumpkin Tips

Black-tip French manicure with orange pumpkin designs


If you're looking to embrace explicit Halloween vibes with your black-tip nails, try adding a seasonal design, like these orange pumpkins. We love how they make a classic French manicure feel more unique, and imagine how put-together you'll feel with these nails as you sip on your favorite fall drink.

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Reverse Black Tips

Clear manicure with black dotted curve around base


Here at Byrdie HQ, we love a good twist on a French mani, and this one switches things up by having the accented black "tip" be at the base instead. To recreate the look, start with a clear base coat, dot a black polish in a curved pattern along the base using a toothpick or bobby pin, and add a layer of topcoat for a shiny and long-lasting finish.

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