These Are the Black Skincare Experts to Follow on Instagram

If you’re a white person, you’ve probably taken for granted seeing your skin reflected back to you on social media. You’ve probably never gone to get a facial or to a dermatology appointment worried about if the skincare professional will be familiar with your skin's unique needs. The thing is, unequal representation in skincare (and all things, really) is normal. Systemic racism is an overarching problem in every industry. When it comes to skincare, though, it’s important for non-Black folks to consider the consequences of this discrepancy—just think of how differently a rash or the first sign of melanoma might present on darker skin, aka one that white dermatologists and skincare experts may be less familiar with.

This is exactly why it’s not only important to highlight and celebrate Black skincare experts and dermatologists, but also to hold the industry accountable to do better. No matter your race, it’s worth following the below skincare experts—not only for their expertise and tips, but to make sure we’re prioritizing diversity daily—in our workplaces, in our social lives, and in our social media feeds, too.

Dr. Hope Mitchell

Mitchell is not only a board-certified dermatologist, but also the founder and CEO of Mitchell Dermatology, a medical and aesthetics dermatology practice in Northwest Ohio. According to her Instagram bio, she’s also an advocate for “mentorship, education, entrepreneurship, and diversity in medicine and dermatology.” Mitchell posts about a variety of skincare topics, like vitiligo, but she also talks often about promoting equality, mentorship, and diversity in the medical field and dermatology specifically.  

Dr. Jasmine Onyeka Obioha

Obioha, a board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist based in California, has Instagram that cover general skincare, injectable, lasers, and more. She also has live discussions with other dermatologists about things like non-invasive cosmetic procedures and specific skin of color concerns, so be sure to stay tuned for those if you’re looking for live skincare discussions on a regular basis.

Dr. Cynthia Robinson

Dr. Robinson is based in Dallas, Texas and started her Instagram “after getting a lot of questions from family and friends about rashes, acne, skincare products, and aging.“ Robinson posts about skincare, of course, but also how to book and prepare for said appointments

Dr. Michelle Henry

Dr. Michelle Henry is a New York City-based dermatologist with quite a large following on Instagram. Henry has appeared on Good Morning America and in Oprah Magazine and regularly shares skincare tips, tricks, and perspective on her personal page. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out Henry’s Instagram Lives which are full of thoughtful conversations and helpful advice.

Dr. Elyse Love

Dr. Love is another board-certified dermatologist with a large following on Instagram, and for good reason. Love, who practices at New York’s Spring Street Dermatology, posts about skincare topics (acne, rosacea, and sunscreen, for example) as well as important social justice causes regularly. According to her profile on ZocDoc, Love is also an “avid researcher” who has authored several articles in the field of dermatology.

Dr. Tinuke Aderemi-Ibitola

A former college athlete, Dr. Aderemi-Ibitola now spends her days seeing patients in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. According to her practice’s website, “she sees a wide range of medical dermatology concerns including acne, rosacea, dandruff, warts, eczema, skin cancer screenings, and keloids” as well as completing cosmetic treatments. She also gives tips and tricks on Instagram, as well as other snapshots from her own life.

Nayamka Roberts-Smith

Ever heard of the 60-second cleansing rule? Well, licensed esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith is the expert behind the method. The LA-based skincare guru is passionate about helping women of color better understand and treat their skin. On her YouTube channel, you'll find Roberts-Smith posting videos about common skin concerns, skincare dos and don'ts, and product reviews.

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