The Miracle Cold Cure You've Never Heard of, According to a Sinus Doctor

Every year, without fail, I get the mother of all colds. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, few-days-of-sniffles scenario—which is a pain in its own right—but a weeks-long saga of sore throats, sleepless nights, and sinus headaches. It’s the Great American Novel of illnesses, with an endless number of sequels that drop like clockwork every year as winter melts into spring.

Colds are the number one reason that adults miss work, according to the CDC, and we can expect two or three of them a year. In the past, I’ve resigned myself to this reality, cursed my Victorian immune system, and cleared my calendar for the next month. My most recent epic illness was especially bad: Over the course of five weeks (!), I decimated a Costco pallet of tissues, and even my kind, supremely tactful boyfriend noted that I looked like an overworked ghost. After finally recovering, I decided once and for all that I was sick of being sick. So I sought the expertise of New York–based otolaryngologist Monica Tadros, MD, FCAS, on the best way to beat a ruthless cold. Keep scrolling to read her genius advice!