This Natural Oil Makes Your Hair Insanely Shiny and Your Body Less Bloated

There are so many incredible, all-natural ingredients out there that do just as much (and even more) than any chemical that humans have created in a lab. There's CBD for pain management and relaxation, peppermint oil to heal a sore throat, and essential oils for migrainesHerbs and spices are pretty much nature's pharmacy, and black seed oil is no exception. 

See, Nigella sativa, or black seed or black cumin, has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties. According to Science Direct, it originated from Southeastern Asia and was also used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Middle East, and Africa. As such, it's become common practice to add it to food, cold-press it into an oil, or incorporate it into a beauty product for your hair or skin. To find out the most exciting benefits of black seed oil, we did some research into the most prevalent studies on the ingredient. Below, find the most interesting results and a few products to try.