6 Black-Owned Wig and Extension Brands You Need to Know


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As a naturalista with 4c coils, I’ve gotten my hair down to a science—it thrives on low manipulation and protective styles. Previously, I lived in box braids and twists, but quickly realized the constant tension was taking a toll on my precious edges (RIP). Thankfully, wigs have been a godsend in helping me grow back spots I thought were gone for good. The routine is simple: wash and deep condition my hair, braid it in cornrows, put a wig on, and boom, she’s ready. I love that I can serve a stunning look while protecting my delicate strands. I am officially a wig stan. 

Whether you want to switch up your look for a special occasion, experiment with a new cut and color, or simply prefer a low-maintenance routine, wigs are an excellent protective style. That said, purchasing hair online can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re spending a lot on something you’ve never seen in person. Rest assured, we’ve done the digging for you and rounded up the best Black-owned hair brands to shop.  

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XOXO Virgin Hair

You’ve probably witnessed the glory of XOXO Virgin Hair before and didn’t even know it. Trusted by celeb stylist Kendall Dorsey and worn by Solange, Normani, and Jackie Aina, this brand is the crème de la crème of extensions. Founder Stephanie Nolan, a model turned entrepreneur, created the company in 2014 with the mindset that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Period.

The brand offers ethically sourced, raw, luxury human hair (unprocessed without chemicals), and prides itself on catering to a diverse clientele (including LGBTQIA+ and special need customers), because quality hair doesn’t discriminate. Whether it’s wefted bundles, closures, or frontals, the craftsmanship alone is 100% worth the investment. If you’re in the market for a lace-frontal wig, try XOXO Virgin Hair's Amour or Vietnamese collection.

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Conscious Curls Hair

Black Owned Wig and Extension Brands Conscious Curls Hair


This brand doesn’t play when it comes to wigs. A personal favorite of hairstylist Kahh Spence, whose roster includes Ella Mai and Kehlani, Conscious Curls offers seven different textures to experiment with (because who doesn’t love options?). The hair is on the pricier side, but with proper maintenance, it can last up to two years.

To ensure the longevity of your unit, Spence recommends treating it with TLC. "Be gentle with your hair. Wash it in a basin with shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. I like to mix OGX's Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner with oil and use a Denman Detangling Brush. If it has a curly texture, let it air dry.” You should also be careful with your own hair as well, as wigs can be damaging if you’re not taking proper measures. If you're wearing a full closure wig, take it off at night and sleep with a silk scarf or pillowcase. 

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Big Chop Hair

Black-Owned Wig and Extension Brands Big Chop Hair


If you’ve ever done the Big Chop, you know how frustrating the growing-out stage can be. Your hair is no longer a TWA (teeny weeny afro), but also not long enough to do much styling. Insert Big Chop Hair, a New York-based company that sells clip-ins, wigs, and drawstring ponytails in a variety of textures (ranging from kinky to straight).

Owner Melissa Etienne created the company based on her own personal natural hair journey, and she works to provide those growing out their hair with more options. “I wanted to remove the stigma around certain textures and allow women to see their hair displayed beautifully and authentically,” she explains. My ultimate favorite is the U-Part Wig, which allows you to leave your natural hair out in the front when worn as a wig, but can also be styled in a ponytail. We love versatility.

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Heat Free Hair

Black-Owned Wig and Extension Brands Heat Free Hair


In 2012, the second wave natural hair movement was blossoming and textured hair extensions were nonexistent. DC hair stylist Ngozi Opara saw the struggle many of her clients faced—feeling stuck using heat tools while transitioning out of relaxers. To solve this dilemma, she launched Heat Free Hair, one of the pioneer brands to provide 100% virgin human hair for type 3 and 4 curl patterns.

What makes this brand so special aside from its premium quality? Opara spent a full year in China learning about the hair manufacturing process and even owns the factory where the hair is sourced from. Yup, it’s kind of a big deal. 

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Hair for the Girls

Black-Owned Wig and Extension Brands Hair for the Girls


Influencers Yvette Corrine and SayLindsay know a thing or two about keeping their looks fresh. Whether you’re in the mood for a braid out, twist out, or crave a voluminous 'fro, this duo has you covered. Their selection of luscious curls, coils, and kinks allow you to protect your hair and look fly at the same time. It’s the versatility for me.

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Latched and Hooked

Black-Owned Wig and Extension Brands Latched and Hooked


Latched and Hooked is a Black and female-owned brand that provides synthetic hair extensions at a budget-friendly price. Best known for its selection of rainbow-colored styles, the brand makes sure you can experiment (without the commitment).

The hair is lightweight, allows your scalp to breathe, and doesn’t have the dreaded itch factor that most synthetic blends do. With an assortment of ponytails, wigs, crochet, and braiding hair the possibilities are almost endless.

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