47 Black-Owned Wellness and Lifestyle Brands to Support

black owned brands

We're witnessing an outpouring of support for the Black community. As expected, when there’s a surge of solidarity, bare minimum efforts fall somewhere between virtue signaling and performative activism. In our own private circles, we’re challenging our peers to put their money where their mouths are by donating directly to funds that support the movement. Some companies are swiftly being called out for tone-deaf statements about anti-racism that are either misaligned with how they actually treat their own POC employees, or lack real commitment to share the wealth where it’s most needed. 

While there’s nothing wrong with making donations—we strongly encourage anyone to empty those pockets that is able to do so—the momentum for the movement shouldn’t come to a screeching halt when the protests stop trending. This is a historical moment and we all have a part to play in the narrative as it unfolds in real time. The Black community is grieving, but thankfully there are safe spaces made for us and by us to heal the generational trauma. 

Here’s a carefully curated list of 47 Black-owned and operated brands within the wellness and lifestyle category that everyone should consider supporting with their business while the doors are still open. 

Wellness Spaces

Heal Haus


Dive In Well

Maryam Ajayi launched Dive in Well in an effort to steer the wellness industry in a more inclusive direction. Through this endeavor, the energy healer and entrepreneur is decolonizing the space by providing on and offline experiences, resources and tools for empowerment. Support the crowdfunding campaign here.

Black Girl In Om

Established in 2014, Lauren Ash started Black Girl In Om to foster an inclusive community for women of color to heal. Since then, the brand has introduced The Circle in order to “cultivate a nourishing experience promoting personal growth, spiritual awakening, and community support in intentional response, not reaction, to the present, global crisis.⁣”


It’s rare to come across wellness studios designated specifically for the healing of people of color, but HealHaus is filling that void. While the physical location for the wellness concept and café is temporarily closed, the center is currently offering virtual classes for yoga, meditation, breathwork, and reiki.

Ethel's Club

Founded by Naj Austin, this is the first-ever social and wellness club designed for people of color to thrive in Brooklyn, NY. The community clubhouse now offers a digital membership for $16.99/month that provides access to wellness classes, creative workshops, digital discussions, cooking tutorials, conversation series, DJ sets and more.

Naaya Wellness 


Sinikiwe Dhliwayo’s mission is simple—redefine the narrative of wellness to center around BIPOC folks. Naaya serves as a safe space where members can be seen and heard as opposed to overlooked and excluded through the power of community, experiences, and education.

Black Girl Magik

Founded by wellness educator Shydeia Caldwell, this Brooklyn-based collective is going on its fifth year of creating safe spaces for Black sisterhood to be celebrated and empowered. Prior to stay at home orders, the organization hosted intimate meetups and gatherings for Black women to uplift each other through candid conversations around mental health, identity, and self-acceptance issues. BGM is essentially a global support system.

Mary & Main

Because the cannabis community could definitely benefit from more Black-owned medical cannabis dispensaries. Mary & Main is located in the Capitol Heights area in Maryland.

Inner Workout

Taylor Morrison’s structured self-care company is helping people tap into their introspective side through 60 minute wellness classes that combine the art of restorative movement, breathwork, meditation, and journaling. Get started with the program by creating your own personal profile.

The Loveland Foundation

This groundbreaking organization is fully committed to serving and liberating Black women and girls through fellowships and residency programs. Information on donating to the official therapy fund can be found here.

Lifestyle Shops

Sincerely Tommy



Located in the City of Brotherly Love, this one-stop shop has everything you need to curate the bright and bold home of your dreams with a unique selection of quirky items from your favorite independent artists and designers (i.e. Cold Picnic, Dusen Dusen, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Diaspora Co., Golde, etc.). The Queen Village boutique is founded and operated by Shannon Malandro, a Philadelphia native with a background in fashion.

Sincerely Tommy

This lifestyle concept store has been a staple in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy area since 2014. Owner and founder Kai Avent-deLeon has always been deeply committed to fostering community through the space beyond the borders of her beloved neighborhood, often using the shop as a center for customers to engage with one another. As for the retail side of things, the inventory is stocked with emerging designers from all over the world.

Highbrow Hippie

For those seeking out a more conscious lifestyle store to enhance their surroundings, Kadi Lee and Myka Harris will lead you to the destination. Located in Los Angeles area, Highbrow Hippie is as chic as it is mindful with a thoughtfully curated selection of luxurious beauty, health, wellness, and home goods. The Atelier showroom is an extension of their combined mission to indulge retail customers in premium yoga and mediation sessions, beauty treatments, and community gatherings.

BLK MKT Vintage


Chakra Zulu

Tap into the divine and protect your energy with this mesmerizing selection of crystals in the form of wands, palmstones, and hearts, along with a range of chakra sets. If you’re not sure where to start, you can shop by intention.

BLK MKT Vintage

This curated store has become a local museum for “Black curiosities, heirlooms, and collectibles.” No joke, the vintage books are harder to cop than items at a sample sale and Supreme store on Thursday mornings combined.


Bless yourself with some unique items from this sacred space tucked away in Crown Heights. It’s stocked with all the home goodies your heart desires, like candles, throws, ceramics, wall decor, sage, palo santo, bath bombs, body oils, vegan soaps, all the CBD products, and so much more. Third eye activated!

Freedom Apothecary

Since 2018, Morrisa Jenkins and Bonkosi Alyssa Horn's apothecary shop has been providing women in Philadelphia with an oasis for holistic healing as both a retail and event space. All of the brands carried in the store are women-owned to further support their mission for empowerment and liberation. For them, self-care is more than a radical concept—it's a lifestyle commitment. 

Home Goods




Graduate to the next level of homeware with help from this Brooklyn-based modern furniture and design store. Jared Blake and Ed Be are not interested in ripping customers off by hijacking the prices of their vintage treasures and one-of-a-kind finds—they just want to ensure that each piece finds its way to a good home that will fully appreciate it. Whatever decor visions you’ve been manifesting will probably end up here.

Sara Ekua Todd

Not to brag, but Brain Dead did collaborate with her and that’s a pretty impressive endorsement. Every piece from this Antwerp-raised artist is inspired by her multi-ethnic roots.

The Lam Label

This Louisiana-based vintage treasure hunter has a great eye for Art Deco pieces. If you also happen to be in the market for some charming ceramics from the ‘80s, this is your best bet.



Claude Home

New York and Los Angeles-based lifestyle influencers all flock to Maggie Holladay’s vintage home decor brand for merchandise. The East Village-based stylist operates exclusively through Instagram to sell some of the most sophisticated trinkets, basics, and furniture pieces. Foster’s clients also include fashion designers and brands like Nanushka that have rented items for NYFW showrooms in the past.


Plant parents, rejoice! This space is meant for all who appreciate Mother Nature’s offerings, so if that sounds like you, then you’ve found your match. The online store carries ponytail palms, golden pothos, jade plants, and rattesnake plants along with some sturdy planters.

The ZEN Succulent

If you happen to reside in Durham, NC then you’re lucky to have access to this mother-daughter operation that has been open since 2016. Succulents are like training wheels in the plant world, but if we’re being honest, size doesn’t really matter in this arena. Sometimes a full-grown plant is too big of a commitment to make, especially during times like these! 

wildfang home


Wildfang Home

Hana Nagel is out here bringing us some of the best vintage home goods in the world all the way from Montreal. Come for the goodies, stay for the giveaways!


Phoebe-Collings James is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. She describes Mudbelly as her “ceramic gut” of wheel thrown pots and vessels that are inspired by cephalopods suckers and poppy pods.

Mitchell Black

Upgrade your residence with American-made luxury wallpapers, fabrics, floor mats, and more! This contemporary home decor brand is owned and founded by interior designer Lynai Williams Jones in 2012.

Lolly Ceramics


Under The Sunlight

Sinan Franklin’s mindful stationary brand offers paper goods that are crafted with good intentions in San Francisco. Elevate your consciousness and stock up on their card decks, notebooks, calendars, and habit trackers.

Alexandra Winbush

Check your vibes with delectable candles and teas from this Issa Rae-approved brand. All of the items sell out quickly so be sure to cop when founder and CEO Brittany Winbush announces the next pre-order date.

Lolly Lolly Ceramics

Lalese Stamps’ handmade ceramics are quickly becoming high in demand. All of her quirky mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and released in batches. 




Paint shopping is often a chore, but Clare is determined to make it a more inspiring experience. Their products are GREENGUARD Gold certified and consist of zero VOC paint and colorants, hazardous air pollutants, and EPA chemicals. Every shade is also curated by a designer.


Jason Evege makes linen look like a luxury staple with his brand’s premium products for bed, bath, home, and beyond. Sheets, covers, towels, napkins, tablecloths, pajamas—Linoto has it all, and then some.


A healthy home is a happy home so why wouldn’t you keep it clean using sustainable supplies? Natural, eco-friendly, and multi-functional is a good way to go. The brand now offers bundles on products so you can order all the essentials in one go.

actually curious


Actually Curious

Through this creative endeavor, Curiosity Lab seeks to connect human beings on a deeper level through the power of empathy. Their selection of cute and pastel-tinted cards were designed as a way to provide people with “the tools of having conversations with empathy and understanding.”

Cards For All People

Since blowing up with Black Card Revoked in 2015, Latesha Williams and Jay Bobo’s buzzy brand has expanded their cultural empire with an assortment of trivia games and products for the Black, Latinx, and queer community. Buckle up for a nostalgic trip down memory lane and take your mind to the fun zone.

Food & Drink

bloom and plume


Bloom & Plume Coffee

Maurice Harris is the floral artist you’ve been waiting your whole life for. In addition to creating breathtaking arrangements, he is also the proud owner of a pro-Black and queer coffee shop located in Echo Park that is guaranteed to quench your thirst. (Non-locals can always show support by copping merch.)

McBride Sisters

Wind down with this divine wine company owned by sisters Robin and Andréa McBride. (All eyes should definitely be on their Black Girl Magic collection which includes a California rose, riesling, and red blend.) If interested, eligible parties can sign up for their official Wine Club to save 10 percent on releases and purchases.

A Dozen Cousins

Your pantry will thank you for stocking it with these magical beans that are soulfully seasoned. Inspired by the unforgettable dishes that founder Ibraheem Basir grew up on, the trio of beans masterfully blends Black, Caribbean and Latino recipes. The products are also vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, BPA-free and MSG-free.

brooklyn tea


Brooklyn Tea 

Spill and sip the most luxurious tea that BedStuy has to offer. For those that aren’t able to make it to the tea room, the DIY route is available by purchasing teas online. The company also provides compost to Tahuti Ma'at’s community garden so your business is directly supporting a Brooklyn co-op too!

Partake Foods Cookies

This family-owned company is catering to your sweet tooth, but with food allergies in mind. On top of that, it’s actually a healthy snack and every cookie is vegan, gluten- free, and nut-free with no GMOs. There are too many types to choose from—try not to get overwhelmed from the incoming sugar rush.

Satans Breath CBD Hot Sauce

CBD hot sauce never sounded so good, but with a name like that, who wouldn’t want to take a walk on the wild side? Open your pockets and give your tastebuds the adventure that they deserve with executive chef Paul Booker’s cannabis-infused sauces.

Personal Care

blk & Grn



Consider this as your vetted marketplace for non-toxic natural products by Black artisans. Inventory categories include grocery, home, bath + body, hair, beauty, skincare, menstrual care, and mom + baby.


Tonya Lewis Lee’s mission with this wellness brand is to better support women's health through a line of organic certified multivitamin essentials that are both accessible and affordable. Your body is in good hands with this longtime health advocate.

The Honey Pot Co

The first-ever plant-based feminine care system would be created by a Black woman and her name is Beatrice Dixon. The brand offers a line of natural cleansers, wipes, suppositories, pads, tampons, menstrual cups, pantiliners, sprays, balms, creams, and bath bombs, all of which can now be found at Wegmans, Target, Walmart, and more.




For millennials, matcha and masks are the ultimate duo. Golde just happens to offer both with an assortment of superfood powered products to choose from. This ethos is a reflection of co-founders Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori who are partners in business and life. For a week in the summer of 2020, shortly after George Floyd's death, the health and beauty brand pledged to donate 100 percent of their proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and raised over $10,000.


Have you been itching to switch to more sustainable toilet paper? Look no further than Reel. This Washington, DC-based company offers tea-free and biodegradable bamboo toilet paper made out of 300 sheets of 3-ply for guaranteed strength and softness. Each roll is also wrapped with recycled paper.


Shaving sucks, but most of us have already been doing it for so long so why quit now? Even though Bevel initially targeted men with its premium grooming products, there’s no reason why women shouldn’t be buying them too. I’ve been using the razors for about three years now and have no plans to switch brands anytime soon. In case you weren’t already aware, Bevel is a branch of Walker & Company, the start-up founded by Tristan Walker.



OUI the People

This progressive bodycare company has you covered from head to toe with razors, blades, sugar gel, hydrating gloss, bikini sheet masks, and more. Founder and CEO Karen Young has given us an extremely elevated experience to say the very least.

Grace Eleyae

Protect your heart and your head with a diverse selection of hair accessories, from bonnets and hats to scrunchies and silk pillows.

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