27 Black Ombré Nail Looks to Try

black ombre nails


You might traditionally associate ombré with hair, but ombré nails are holding their own in the world of nail art. From subtle french manicure ombré nails to bright neon fades, there's no limit on the color blends you can work with, but one of our favorites has to be black.

Black ombré nails are bold, moody, and fun. Plus, when you ombré with black you can see and appreciate the gradient, artful color fade. Geometric lines, glitter top coats, accent nails, and nail embellishments also pair perfectly with the black ombré nail look.

If you're looking for a head-turning nail look that incorporates the light to dark blending trend, here are 27 of our favorite black ombré nail looks.

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Black French Ombré

A bold twist on a classic French manicure, this equal parts classy and chic black French ombré manicure is sure to turn heads.

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Square Black Ombré Nails

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Burgundy & Black

Is there a better combo than burgundy and black? This pairing is reminiscent of dark, red wine. Cheers!

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This kind of reminds us of Cruella Deville, and we're definitely here for it.

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Spice it Up with Sparkle

Never say no to sparkle. The painted glitter line down the center adds another dimension to the ombré technique. Your eyes won't know where to look first!

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Epic Eclipse

We're getting serious celestial vibes from this out-of-this-world nail look. Each nail features a different phase of the moon.

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Black Ombré Coffin Nails

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Glitter Accent Nail

A glitter accent nail is always a good idea.

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Glitter & Gold

Glitter and gold were just made to go together.

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Outside of the Lines

The shape, the perfect fading, and the bold stripe nail art on the ring finger make for a masterpiece.

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Dotted Nails

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Brown + Black

Incorporating the taupe-y brown into this color fade makes it look all the more natural and artistic.

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Stay (Rose) Golden

Rocking rose gold on the pinky and stripe adds a metallic third color into the mix. Yes, please!

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Blue & Black Ombré

There's a black ombré here, but it's finished with a royal blue tip that pops quite perfectly.

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Make it Metallic

Instead of a traditional black, try a holographic black!

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Half and Half

One hand black, one hand white? Why not!

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Periwinkle, Please

Pretty periwinkle, please.

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Confetti Ombré

Who says ombré is solely between two colors? Here, a black base is paired with a confetti glitter to ombre. A perfect party look!

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Neutral Base and High Gloss

We love this pink-y shade, square shape and subtle fade.

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Black, Silver and Sparkle

A glittery silver base fades to black ombré in an ultra-glamorous way.

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Evergreen, Black and Glitter

A deep emerald green fades so subtly to black that you have to look carefully — but it's there. Add a glitter accent nail on top to complete the look.

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Golden Glitz

Who says every nail has to be cohesive? Half black, half red ombré is a great way to compromise.

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X Marks the Spot

Adding some sparkly nail art atop a black ombré will surely kick it up a few notches.

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Moody Blue

The way the colors fade from black to blue to white is full-blown ombré artistry.

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Short and Sparkly

The short, natural nail shape makes the black pop with a bit of sparkle top coat to finish off the look.

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Diamonds and Gold

What's better than a black ombré manicure? A black ombré manicure embellished with silver diamonds and gold sparkle, that's what.

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Black Ombré Accent Nail

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