15 Stunning Examples of Black Ombré Hair to Bring to Your Colorist

New season, new shade.

black ombre hair


Who remembers the early 2000s, when everywhere you turned you saw ombré hair? The color technique blew up overnight and has transcended the test of time. Since there's no better time to try out a new shade than the start of a new season—hey, fall; hey, new hair color—why not go for the ombré look that's still relevant after all these years? If you have black hair, consider yourself blessed because so many colors will look amazing coupled with your color. Your laid-back dark hairstyle would look effortlessly stunning with any one of these black ombré hair ideas.

One of the best things about black ombré hair is it requires very little upkeep. You don't have to rush to the salon every few weeks because the gradient is designed to look natural as it fades. It's essentially every lazy girl's hair dream. There are several techniques for executing this color transition. Janna Velasquez of Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills once told us she depends on the foil technique to achieve the perfect ombré. "Ombré technique is a bit bolder," Velasquez told Byrdie in reference to ombré's cousin, balayage. "I tend to approach ombrés in foils using a teasing technique to ensure a really nice melt from dark to light, embracing more of a dramatic feel from roots to ends."

Get your color mood board started with a scroll through our favorite black ombré hair ideas for all hair types. Then, call your colorist to bring these looks to life.

Black and Caramel Ombré

Go the classic route and dip-dye your jet-black strands with a caramel-brown hue. I mean, look at how effortlessly gorgeous these wavy styles look. We may not be on a beach at all this fall, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend to be. 

Black and Chestnut-Brown Ombré

Get your strands in the fall spirit with a fade to chestnut brown. It's a subtle yet noticeably gorgeous upgrade. It's one of the oldest ombré trends in the book that'll always be in style and loved among celebs, colorists, and models alike. 

Black and Blonde Ombré

Whether you're going for an ash and sandy or platinum and vivid blonde hue, this versatile colorway will surely turn heads. The options are endless when it comes to balayage blonde. It's a nice step into the middle ground if you're not ready to go all the way blonde yet. This style illustrates how stunning these contrasting shades look together. 

Black and Burgundy Ombré

A hint of soft burgundy looks so stunning and very on trend for fall. It's a smooth departure from standard brown or blonde hues that's still versatile and suitable for all hair types.

Black and Gray Ombré

Black and gray just go together. This chic hair color trend blew up a few years ago and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This elegant transition from black to gray can read silver, ashy, pearly, and more. It's up to you and the route you want to go. So long to the days gray was associated with age.

Black to Blue Ombré

Liven up your hair with lowlights of blue. It's fun, unexpected, and out-of-the-box, which is what experimenting with hair colors is all about, right? 

Black and Purple Ombré

Purple pairs so well with black hair. We're into moody beauty choices, and these deep lavender lowlights give off that vibe. A pop of purple on your ends will add an element of surprise to your strands. 

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