This Inky Shade Just Became Summer's Newest Beauty Trend

Leave it to Beyoncé to rock a black lipstick just as summer kicks off—and look effortlessly fab while doing so. The singer was out in New York this week in an all-black outfit with her hair pulled back, but her best accessory was that goth lip. Dark lip color, especially inky black, is an ever-present trend that comes into play as fall begins and pretty much ends once the sun starts to shine again come spring. But Bey isn't one to play it safe when it comes to her always changing beauty looks, and this is a risk that paid off. 

Chrissy Teigen also sported the edgy color with a shade that had plum undertones for a more sophisticated take. But Kylie Jenner reminded us that you can't go wrong with black when you opt for a daring matte finish like she did using her newest Dead of Knight shade. While a satin finish lipstick is the way to go for a classic black lip, a high-shine formula will take things to the next level and really make a statement. You can also go for bold with a gunmetal-esque shade that gives off a metallic finish—just don't expect onlookers to stop staring.

See how Beyoncé and others are embracing the black lipstick trend below and keep scrolling to shop our picks.

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