Your Favorite Fragrances Are About to Be Steeply Discounted


Amanda Montell

Only since the early 2000s has Black Friday become widely recognized as a day of discounted holiday shopping mayhem. It's hard to believe that it's been less than 20 years since brands across markets collectively decided to drop their prices for the one-day-only shop-till-you-drop madness. Since then, as online shopping has surpassed in-store (because, of course, one requires pants and one doesn't), brands have extended their deals to last the entire Thanksgiving weekend. But companies can be pretty cagey about releasing the exact details of their deals ahead of time.

Every year, fragrances are some of the most popular beauty gifts to give and receive, but they can also be incredibly pricey, making Black Friday the perfect time to shop. Not every one of your favorite perfume brands is hosting a Black Friday deal though, and many of the ones that are have decided to keep them top-secret until the day after Thanksgiving. So we had to do some major sleuthing just to find the following nine Black Friday perfume deals. Check back over the next few days as we continue to get the scoop, and in the meantime, shop nine amazing Black Friday perfume deals below.