Here Is Every Black Friday Beauty Deal You Need to Know

We're going to come right out and say it: Black Friday can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you need to do actual research to prepare for this penultimate shopping event of the year. To avoid FOMO and holiday shopping list stress, you must scour the internet for the best deals, categorize your findings, and schedule out the time you can spend in each part of the store.

Let's be real, though: Who has the time, energy, or patience for that? The answer is no one. That's why we put together a list of this year's best Black Friday beauty deals for you. Picture us doing this research as a detective would in a crime drama—pinning flyers and department store leaflets to our walls underneath a web of crisscrossed red string. Empty coffee cups litter our desks. We look disheveled and tired, glaring at our notes with a slightly wild look in our eyes…

Okay, kidding. We simply rounded up the most significant price cuts from some of our favorite brands across all hair, makeup, skincare, and wellness categories. Keep scrolling to see 2017's best Black Friday beauty deals.

What deals are you most excited to shop? Tell us in the comments, then see the best deals from Amazon's Black Friday sale!