17 Black French Tip Manicures to Bring the Goth Revival Trend to Your Fingertips

Black French tip nails with silver studs


Since its creation in 1975, the French manicure has experienced ups and downs, from becoming one of the definitive early aughts nail staples to briefly turning (dare we say) cheugy in the 2010s. The style has endured it all and is now experiencing a resurgence, with creative new color and design variations emerging as faithful (and famous) fans like Beyoncé, Reese Witherspoon, and Victoria Beckham continue to rock the look. 

These days, the classic silhouette has gotten a modern makeover. Instead of being limited to white polish, black tips are the latest take on the staple style. From glossy to matte, square to round, and swirly to straight, the design options are limitless and can fit into nearly every aesthetic. 

Looking to give the trend a try? We scoured the internet and gathered 15 of the chicest black French tip nails inspiration photos Instagram has to offer. Take them to your salon as inspiration, or if you're feeling brave, grab your favorite polish and paint them on yourself.

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The Classic

Simple, classic black French tip nails with minimalist sparkly rings


If a traditional French tip is in your regular nail rotation, consider switching things up at your next salon visit. The black tips are different enough to garner attention, but the neutral, classic shade remains close to the original.

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The Sparkly Stripe

Manicure with black French tips with silver sparkly accents


If you're looking for a festive paint job but want to keep it subtle, use this as inspiration. Instead of swiping on a thick stripe of black polish across your tips, opt for a thin line and follow with a similar-width silver sparkle.

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Two-Tone Tips

Red manicure with black French tips and stacked mixed-metal rings


Just as much as you can switch up the tip of your French manicure, the base has limitless potential as well. Replace the negative space with a bold shade, like ruby red or berry blue, for a distinct design.

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Square Tips

French manicure with square-shaped tips with half-black, half-gray polish


French tips are most common on an oval or rounded nail shape, but they look just as chic squared off. For some extra spice, switch up the tip design: Find the midpoint of your nail, then draw a straight line to one side (the thickness is up to you) before repeating this process on the other side. Fill in the outlines with gray and black polish, et voilà: You have a manicure that's both sophisticated and playful.

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Intricate Intrigue

French tips are inherently simple, making this mani category the perfect foundation for a more intricate design. To add a little oomph to your basic French, paint on a little glitter or extra lines to the nail bed.

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Starred and Not-So-Striped

Black manicure with white star designs and French tip accent nails


Adding fun designs or a secondary color to your French manicure brings the classic style into the modern day. To recreate this look, paint most of your nails black, with two French tip accent nails wide enough to fit a star design. For the stars, you can either opt for hand-painted or use nail stickers or stencils for an easier DIY.

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Statement Swirl

Calling all maximalists: This is not your average black French tip manicure, and you're going to love the way the swirls add excitement. The fun of an abstract design like this is you can either copy it to a T or add your own special twist.

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Tuxedo Tips

Manicure with white and black thick French tips with scalloped shape


If you can’t decide between traditional and black French tips, this design offers the best of both worlds. For added flair, paint on a scalloped, ribboned edge, but if you prefer the classic shape, this design looks just as chic.

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Gold-Lined Coffin Tips

French tips look good on all nail shapes and sizes, and coffin nails deliver length without sacrificing a square-shaped tip. Add some luxe texture to your design by lining your style with a gold ribbon.

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Scattered Studs

Black French manicure with silver studs


For an instant boost of edge to a basic black French manicure, add some silver studs. The ones here are Cirque Colors Enchanted Pearls ($5), and all you need is top coat to stick them onto your nails, making it pretty easy to achieve this look.

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Eye-Catching Cuticles

Black French manicure with outlined eye half-moon design at cuticles


For a quirky take on this sophisticated staple, use the lower curve of your cuticle to your advantage. Instead of a regular half-moon, mirror the shape with a thin stroke of polish, adding short lash strokes and a pupil for a mani that sees all.

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Glitter Base

Black French tip nails with wavy tip and silver glitter base


If glitter nails conjure up images of botched DIY middle school manicures for you, allow this set to change your mind. Swipe a sophisticated silver over your entire nail bed, then add a slightly wavy black tip for an irreverent spin.

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Half and Half

If French tips are chic, baby French manis are even chicer. This simple design elevates any outfit or look, and the micro width works great on long and short nails alike.

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Stairway to Heaven

Manicure with black scalloped, tiered diagonal tips


If the traditional French mani shape isn’t your style, don’t fret—this silhouette is just as elegant and, dare we say, a little more eye-catching. The tiered tips are grow-out friendly thanks to the negative space underneath.

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Dotted Lines

Short nails with dotted black and white French tips


Don’t let the deceptively simple design fool you: This style is actually much more complicated than it looks. A twist on micro French tips, this black-and-white manicure promises to garner compliments. We suggest sealing the design with a top coat to maximize the life of your mani.

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Organized Chaos

From sparkle to dimension, this look has it all. The black drip tips may feel random, but once applied, they create a cool, abstract look. Be warned that this will be harder to replicate at home, so either recreate it to the best of your ability or head to the salon to get the exact look.

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Groovy Florals

Colorful floral manicure with black base and black French tip accent nails


Who said a black French manicure has to feel dark? We love how these bright floral designs create a lively vibe perfect for spring or any time you need a pick-me-up. French tips play a supporting role here as the accent nails.

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