These 13 Nail Designs Prove Black and Red Make for the Perfect Manicure

Nail art is just like a makeup. It gives us a chance to play with color and shape in order to express an underlying mood. Whether we want to channel positivity and optimism in the form of a bright and vivid "feel-good manicure" or convey a dramatic, dark, and moody emotion, there's a color and/or design to do just that. Lately, I've been veering toward the latter aesthetic. Blame it on the change of seasons or my rising anticipation for Halloween, but I'm looking to replace some of the lighter shades I've been wearing all summer long with something more… let's say Wednesday Addams–approved.

While pondering all the possibilities for the best witchy manicures, I asked myself: What's more Addams Family–esque than a combination of black and red? The answer, my friends, is nothing. Black-and-red manicures are dark, mysterious, and dramatic in the best way (just like the most iconic Halloween movie characters). I took it upon myself to begin a deep dive on Instagram to find the best ones, and I think I managed to find them. Keep scrolling to see the 13 (naturally) best black-and-red nail designs from some of Instagram's finest nail artists.