These 30 Elegant Manicures Prove Black-and-Gold Nails Are Always in Season

Black and gold nails

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For spring and summer nail colors, our brains go right to pastels and bold brights—rightly so, as those are warm-weather classics. For winter, we have a different color scheme in mind as it's a little less traditional and a bit more opulent for the season. We're painting our nails a rich and luxurious combination of black and gold. It's a classically chic look that we've been seeing all over Instagram and at the salon. Think of it as a much-needed change as the temperatures drop and the holidays approach.

Take a scroll through some fantastic designs, each one different from the last, as we've curated a collection that ranges from ornate and complex to simple and minimalist. There's truly something for everyone. Find our favorite picks below.

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Abstract with Gold Studs

Delicate black wire nails paired with a single studded gold accent nail are perfect for people who crave something unexpected and unique.

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Star Accent

All you need for this look is a star accent. And a gorgeous black French tip, of course.

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Fiery Nails

Red flames take a backseat with these gold fiery digits.

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Black and Glitter Color Block

We love color-blocking with shiny black and sparkly gold—it makes for an architectural and modern look. Try using a polish like Ella + Mila Elite Collection in Drippin' Gold ($11). 

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Square Cutout

This minimalist design is chic and easy to replicate. Go for a bold black base like Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Black Out ($3) then add a small cube at the top of each nail.

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Matte and Gold Flakes

For a fun play on texture, this elegant matte base looks sleek against contrasting gold flakes.

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Gold Crescents

Black tips add an edge to your standard French mani. Coupled with gold curves across each nail, this surely isn't your typical fare.

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Black and Gold Celestial

By now you should know two things. We love minimal designs and an innovative twist. This mani is divine with a solid black base and a shower of gold dots to enhance.

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Tuxedo Nails

We can't help but refer to these nails as "tuxedo nails" thanks to the contrasting shapes and polished finish.

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Disco Black and Gold Waves

These disco-esque nails were created using a gold OPI polish called Mirror Escape ($4), from the brand's Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. Perfect for a Saturday night out, they give us Jerry Hall circa 1978 vibes. 

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Gilded Stripes

Certainly glamorous, these charcoal tips get an upgrade with gold stripes. We'll wear this elegant design on any occasion. 

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Golden Accessories

Yet another delicately accessorized nail design from one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow, @nail_unistella

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Small Details

It's all in the details: gold nail jewels, gold chevron, and a rose gold accent nail.

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Accent Nail

Go for all black with a minimal accent nail for a striking effect.

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Censored Outlines

A little cheeky, these silhouettes incorporate gold stars for a pointed censor.

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Graphic Gold

We can't decide if these nails remind us of Mickey Mouse or some dystopian novel we read? Either way, we love the graphic design.

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3D Foil

Pair black polish with gold foil to create a 3D effect for a super-extravagant manicure.

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Gold Wire

Step outside the box with this creative black and gold freestyle design. Add a contrast nail by accessorizing with gold wire.

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Minimalist Stripe

This one's good for anyone with super-short nails. Break up a plain black base with a vertical gold stripe, adding a dash of elegance and lengthening the appearance of the nail.

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A Twist on Plaid Perfection

This one is for anyone who doesn't love bold black nails. Do as @oliveandjune did and flip the script by wearing a white base. Then, accent it with linear black patterning and gold detailing.

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Black and Gold Cuticle

This inverted French manicure incorporates a black and gold pattern modeled after fabulous Chanel earrings. It's minimalistic and elegant.

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Tiny Leopard Print

Fierce golden leopard print lines the edges of this delicate design. Add golden accessories on an accent nail for variation.

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Glitter Dipped

Add a fun twist to your mani with a dipped gold glitter finish.

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Gold Accents

Simple accent details give this shiny base a golden touch.

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Outlined Stars

Sensing a theme? Outline a few stick-on gold stars for an out-of-this-world manicure.

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Geometric Black and Gold

Incorporate white and nude polish into the mix, adding back and gold accents for a standout manicure.

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Half Moon and Gold Accents

This half-moon design gets an upgrade with a quick horizontal golden line dashed across the center, incorporating two minimalistic looks into one.

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Gold Foil

The inky black base has unique, abstract gold foil accents, essentially creating a tiny piece of art on each nail.

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Art Deco Mani

Positively art-deco, this manicure is easy to recreate. Try using a detailing brush to paint the stripes for a vintage design that's party-ready.

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Gold Glitter Stripe

Manicures like this one look simple, but it takes a really steady hand to paint such gold glitter within the black lines.

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