Bite Beauty Is Launching a Specific Lipstick Shade for Each Zodiac Sign

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@bitebeauty / Instagram

Whether or not you stay up to date on star signs and the movements and meanings of the universe, there's something comforting about reading your horoscope. After all, the future is unknown, and that can be frightening. By predicting, preparing, and expecting, it suddenly becomes less scary and more exciting.

There's also something fun and connective about embracing your star sign. Take me, for example. I'm a Taurus through and through (in other words, I'm stubborn and loyal and I place a high importance on feeling cozy and comfortable). Now, when I spend way too much money on candles, décor, and other things that aren't technically necessary, I say, "I'm a Taurus. This is normal, okay?" I've also initially bonded with some of my best friends based on discovering we share a common birth month.

That's why I love reading up on things like my 2018 zodiac beauty forecast or which workout is best for my specific sign. I also love taking part in Taurus-based color and style predictions, which is why I'm so excited to learn about Bite Beauty's newest collection. According to PopSugar, Bite Beauty has launched a line of zodiac-inspired lip colors that are unique to each star sign. The brand will debut each sign's lipstick shade as soon as its season begins. Since Aquarius's season is in full swing, that's the first shade it released.

The first Astrology by Bite Limited-Edition Amuse Bouche Lipstick is this bright fuchsia-purple combo called, yes, you guessed it, Aquarius ($26). The brand debuted the first shade in this new zodiac collection on Instagram, where it also explained the reasoning behind it. "Aquarius is the sign of inventors, pioneers, radicals—for cutting-edge, social, and creative Aquarians, we imagined a reinvented classic: a bright, modern berry, perfect for standing out in group selfies," the caption read.

This bright berry shade is definitely fierce and creative. It's perfect for brightening up a dull and gray January while also sticking with the bold lipstick trend. It's available now on Sephora's website. Keep in mind it is limited-edition, so if your Aquarius heart is yearning for it, it's best to scoop it up sooner rather than later.

The lipsticks will debut each month according to that month's star sign. They will have a satin finish and come in Bite's trademark charcoal tube emblazoned with each sign's symbol. So keep checking back each month to see the newest astrological lipstick. As a Taurus, I have to wait until May for my unique shade. But even though I'm definitely not an Aquarius, I'm still considering purchasing this one. I can't help it; I love a bright lip. Is that a Taurus thing too?

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