This Product Will Shorten Your Makeup Routine to a Minute or Less


Bite Beauty

I (very) rarely wear makeup during the week. Not because I'm trying to make some sort of statement—though I do believe it's important to love the way you look sans product—but more so because my pre-work morning routine is sacred. I give myself just enough time to get up, wash up, and sip coffee in between emails and Instagram, during which there is certainly no time to apply a full face of makeup. So I go bare. Then I have to hightail it out the door and into the subway.

That being said, if I had one product that would yield both gorgeous and quick results, I'd be willing to give it a try. Enter: Bite Beauty's newest launch—the Multistick ($24). Dubbed "a stick beyond the lips," the multiuse product (it looks just like a lipstick, but with a flat edge instead of a pointed tip) applies like a cream and wears like a powder to adorn your lips, cheeks, and eyes in seconds flat. 

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