What Your Birth Season Says About Your Health

Thought it was just genetics that predetermines your body type and weight? Think again, say scientists: A new study shows that bizzarely enough, women born during the summer months are more likely to be taller as adults and to experience puberty later than others—the latter of which is often linked to better health through adulthood.

But why? Scientists believe it comes down to vitamin D exposure during pregnancy, though more research is required to confirm this relationship. On the flipside, summer babies aren't the only ones who reap certain benefits: The researchers also found that those born during the autumn months were most likely to continue their education past the age of 16. 

In the end, it's just another (albeit slightly random) example of the benefits of vitamin D. Make sure you're getting your fill with a supplement, like Vitafusion's Vitamin D3 Gummies ($5).

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