The Crazy Connection Between Your Birth Month and Your Health

Whether you're a fan of astrology or not, science now says that an individual's birth month "has a significant impact on the diseases they develop during their lifetime." A new study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association looked at the birth dates and medical records of 1.7 million patients treated for 1,688 diseases between 1985 and 2013. Marie Claire reports that after ruling out 1600 associations between birth month and disease risk, the study confirmed 39 suspected links and 16 new associations. Certain lucky months have no health associations, including May and July; others have mild risks, like December and bruising; and some months have a shockingly long list of health risks, the worst of which is October, which counts heavy periods, stomach issues, lung and respiratory infections, and postpartum depression on its list of associations. Overall, the study concluded that winter babies (born between January and March) may be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, with a lower risk of neurological, respiratory, and reproductive conditions, while fall babies born October through December have the inverse (lower risk of cardiovascular disease, higher risk of the rest). Scientists believe this is because of the mother's environment while she is pregnant, like whether it was during flu season or not, for example, and the effect that a mother's exposure to certain things has on a child's health. Head on over to Marie Claire to see the full astrological rundown of your potential health risks.

What do you think about these findings? Are they consistent with your birth month and any health issues you have faced? Tell us below! And Geminis, treat yourself to one of these beauty buys while it's still your birthday month.