Modern Birkin Bangs Are Back, Big Time

Like the bag, they never really go out of style.

Jenna Ortega with Birkin Bangs

Jenna Ortega

When someone has one of the most coveted bags in the history of fashion named after her, you know she is a serious icon. Yes, we’re talking about the Hermés Birkin bag and its eternally enchanting muse, Jane Birkin. The English-French actress and singer has launched countless trends—itty bitty white dresses, baskets as purses, the list goes on—but her signature bangs are the most prolific.

Jane Birkin with her signature Birkin bangs


While Birkin bangs are pretty much eternal, they certainly have waves of popularity, and we're currently riding one—perhaps it's the Emily in Paris effect, as Lily Collins has been sporting the style both in the season three trailer as well as IRL. Other celebs like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are opting for a fresh take on the classic straight-across bangs with a chic, wispy feel.

Ahead, everything you need to know about Birkin bangs, including how to wear them in a modern way.

Where They Started

“Birkin bangs are reminiscent of the iconic bangs that Jane Birkin wore in the 70’s,” says Justine Marjan, Tresemmé Global Stylist, explaining the origins of the look. “The variation Jane wore were more full, whereas today we are seeing wispier variations.” 

Why Birkin Bangs Are Still Going Strong

That might be because like the lady herself—and the bag—Birkin bangs are timeless, and never go out of style, maintaining their cool girl vibe even decades later. “They exude a sort of French timelessness that always looks chic and effortless,” Marjan says. “They also feel non-intimidating as you can start with a wispier version before committing to full bangs.” 

How To Get Modern Birkin Bangs

If you’re starting from scratch and just cutting bangs, you want to make sure your stylist nails that cut. “Always go a little longer than you think at first, as they will bounce upwards,” Marjan advises.

“It’s best to use your facial features as a guide, like the edge or arch of the eyebrows, depending on your face shape.”

How To Style Birkin Bangs

The great news about this trend is it’s easy to style at home. “What looks so chic is how shiny and healthy her hair looks,” Marjan says. “Start by washing with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to give the hair a great foundation. Mist in a light spritz of texturizing spray, then blow dry, directing the nozzle downwards. If you have a cowlick in the front, place the brush on top of the bangs and brush all the hair to one side as you dry and then to the other. I love how they look a little undone and wispy.” 

Need the perfect finishing touch? “They also look so cute paired with a headband,” Marjan says. Oui!

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