Exclusive: Bioré's New $6 Jelly Cleanser Acts Like "Pac-Man for Your Pores"



When it comes to pores, Bioré knows a thing or two. The brand has been dubbed the #1 trusted blackhead remover and the #1 pore strip brand, according to Nielsen. Impressive, right? In addition to its wildly popular pore strips, Bioré continues to expand its skincare offerings. And today, the brand is debuting the Bioré Brightening Collection, a line that promises to banish pore buildup and reveal fresh, bright skin in just one week.

The new collection is made with Bioré's proprietary Japanese technology, TRIS (Tromethamine). TRIS seeks out protein-laden impactions in the skin and breaks them down so they can be easily removed after rinsing with water. Additionally, the new brightening products are formulated with yuzu lemon, grapefruit, ginseng, dragon fruit, and papaya which work together to brighten and smooth your skin. From a jelly cleanser to a clay mask, the new Bioré Brightening Collection has it all.

Ahead, we're breaking down the beauty benefits of all four products in the line.

Bioré Brightening Jelly Cleanser

Bioré Cleanser
Bioré Brightening Jelly Cleanser $7

The Brightening Jelly Cleanser prides itself on having a next-level formula. It is powered by the TRIS technology and contains yuzu lemon and ginseng. Erica Palmer, Group Leader of Bioré's Research & Development department, breaks down to Byrdie exclusively how the technology works for a deep clean like no other.

"It’s like Pac-Man—it targets those impactions, eats, and removes them, without over- stripping your skin," Palmer explains.

She recommends massaging the product into your skin for a full 60 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rinsing, to maximize the pore cleansing benefits. After a single-use, Bioré experts say you can expect smoother skin. After just a week, the brand claims you'll notice cleaner pores and a brighter complexion. This jelly cleanser is gentle enough to use one to two times daily. "We know this is a change in how you typically wash your face, but once you try it—you’ll feel and see the difference," she promises. "With consistent use, the whole pore is cleaned out—and after one use, you’ll have visibly brighter, smoother skin.”

Bioré Brightening Exfoliator

Bioré Brightening Exfoliator
Bioré Brightening Exfoliator $6

The Brightening Exfoliator revives dull, uneven skin and is also made with a brightening blend of yuzu lemon and dragon fruit. The exfoliator's formulation also contains Alumina, a natural mineral exfoliant. This product is also 100% eco-friendly, as it contains zero microplastics. The Brightening Exfoliator can be used two to three times a week and instantly refines the texture of your skin after one use.

Bioré Brightening Clay Mask

Brightening Mask
Bioré Brightening Clay Mask $6

There's nothing like a good clay mask. Bioré's Brightening Clay Mask works magic by lifting dead skin cells and debris while creating a more radiant complexion. It is powered by the brand's TRIS technology and a powerful mix of fruit enzymes including, yes, yuzu lemon again and papaya. AHAs in the formulation work to remove buildup and Kaolin clay smooths your skin microtexture. You can incorporate the mask into your routine one to two times a week.

Bioré Brightening Pore Strips


For this collection, Bioré created a new brightening version of their OG pore strip launching soon exclusively at Walmart. These strips instantly unclog pores, remove blackheads, and brighten skin. The best part? These strips boast a refreshing citrus scent. Bioré recommends using its pore strips once weekly. Our pores are standing at the ready.

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