How the Biologique Recherche Ice Facial Changed My Skin

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I'm a sweaty person. And in the summer, I'm extra-sweaty. Ugh. My skin's overproduction of oil from the sweltering sun rays always causes unwanted pimples. So, when the opportunity to try out an "ice facial" with the highly praised and coveted French skincare line Biologique Recherche came my way, you better believe I was ready to give it a whirl. When it comes to cool, new facials, I don't need much convincing. I'll try anything. The sensation of an ice facial sounded different and the complete opposite of normal facials, which typically incorporate steam. Nonetheless, I was intrigued and so damn excited walking into the Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa, where I received a Biologique Recherche facial that was supremely cool—literally—and truly glowifying.

Read on for more about my experience with the Biologique Recherche Ice Facial.

What Is the Biologique Recherche Ice Facial?

The Ice Facial utilizes Biologique Recherche products—which can certainly stand on their own—but the real draw is the cryo-sticks, which work to increase circulation in the skin.

"[The] cryo-sticks were developed to soothe the skin during treatments, to alleviate inflammation, and to increase lymphatic circulation with cold therapy," says Abigail Zsenai, lead esthetician at Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa at the Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach, Florida. "The cryo-sticks are designed in stainless steel and have a significant thermal capacity and conductivity ensuring maximum cold diffusion when in contact with the skin lasting throughout the treatment. Their design cups the face’s many angles perfectly, cradling every contour."

Another upside of the treatment is that all of Paul Labrecque's facial treatments are bespoke, targeting each client's specific needs—but all utilize the cold therapy. "We add the cold therapy technique by layering the cold alginate mask over the customized treatment masque and applying the cryo-sticks in a gentle, upward smoothing massage," says Zsenai.

Benefits of the Biologique Recherche Ice Facial

• Moisturizing

• Soothing

• Toning and tightening

The Ice Facial aims to sculpt and tone the facial muscles but also reduces redness and inflammation in the skin, thanks to the cold therapy. It also has a "tightening effect; a soothing, refreshing sensation; and reduces puffiness" beneath the eyes, says Zsenai, who adds that the treatment is "perfect for post-IPL or another dermatologist procedure."

What makes this facial different from others? "Heat, steam, and extractions can cause inflammation and redness," explains Lumelsky. "The no-heat Biologique Recherche Ice Facial does not aggravate the skin's epidermis. Reducing the temperature of the skin allows for better penetration of serums and a more effective gentle cleansing. The icing and cooling technique of chilled cryo-stick face massage and cold mask regulates blood circulation and stimulates collagen to calm the skin, shrink pores, even out skin tone, and reduce redness and puffiness for an amazing long-lasting glow.”

What To Expect from a Biologique Recherche Ice Facial

I lay down on the heated facial bed and quickly realized that was the only warmth I'd be feeling for the next 60 minutes. My lovely esthetician, Jolita Lumelsky, then began to tone my skin with the one and only cut-followed Biologique Recherche product, P50.

Biologique Recherche P50 $65.00

Anyone who has heard about Biologique Recherche knows the smell of its products isn't the best. I didn't mind, though. My mind was anticipating the skin-cooling sensations I was about to experience ahead. 

Next, Lumelsky cleansed my skin with Lait VIP02. 

Biologique Recherche Lait VIP02 $156.00

And she followed up with the Masque VIP02. 

Masque VIP02
Biologique Recherche Masque VIP02 $146.00

This is when the real fun began. After applying the mask, Lumelsky layered a perforated cloth on top of it. Then, she slathered on an amazingly soothing seaweed mask. The seaweed instantly felt cooling, and my skin drank it right up. Seaweed is also made of healthy minerals, which nourish and calm my skin. 

Biologique Recherche Ice Facial progress
Maya Allen

The heart of the facial involved the use of two ice-cold cryo-sticks that'd been chilling on ice hours before touching my skin. To boost penetration and lymphatic drainage, Lumelsky massaged every crease and crevice of my face with these magic-makers. This icing and cooling technique controls blood circulation, shrinks pores, reduces puffiness, tightens the skin, and more. After 20 minutes of heaven, which kind of felt like my skin was in Antarctica in an oddly satisfying way, the surface of my skin felt completely renewed. 

And I'd like to have a moment of silence for this no-makeup glow that has lasted a total of 24 hours.  

Maya Allen with no makeup
Maya Allen


After getting an ice facial, Zsenai recommends continuing the use of cold therapy at home: "Use only cold water on the face daily, avoid heat on the skin, and take a set of Biologique Recherche's Cryo-Sticks home to store in the freezer for daily use," she says.

The Final Takeaway

Suffering from a hangover? Sleep-deprived? Dealing with post-inflammatory aggravation? This cool-down facial is the refreshing treatment that'll truly save your skin. I never knew ice-cold facial tools could feel so comforting until now. My skin legit feels baby-soft. Whenever I'm yearning for a glow from the heavens that makes my makeup-less skin look like it drank an entire ocean of purified water, I'm coming in for this.

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