I Tried a Biologique Recherche Ice Facial, and My Skin Will Never Be the Same

I'm a sweaty person. And in the summer, I'm extra-sweaty. Ugh. My skin's overproduction of oil from the sweltering sunrays always causes unwanted pimples. So when the opportunity to try out an "ice facial" with the highly praised and coveted French skincare line Biologique Recherche came my way, you better believe I was ready to give it a whirl. When it comes to cool, new facials, I don't need much convincing. I'll try anything. The sensation of an ice facial sounded different and the complete opposite of normal facials, which typically incorporate steaming. Nonetheless, I was intrigued and so damn excited walking into the Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa.

I lay down on the heated facial bed and quickly realized that was the only warmth I'd be feeling for the next 60 minutes. My lovely Jolita Lumelsky began to tone my skin with the one and only P50.