The New Beauty Product Certification You Need to Know About

We admit it can be confusing navigating the world of natural, organic, and chemical-free beauty products. You're probably already familiar with the "Certified USDA Organic" seal our favorite clean and green options bear. It turns out there's a lesser-known agricultural standard you should be looking out for that takes "organic" to the next level.

The Demeter Association certification has been growing in popularity as of late and is granted to products that are not only organic but are also biodynamically farmed. Well and Good recently highlighted the Demeter Association seal, which you're currently most likely to find granted to products using plants that were farmed in Europe. Stateside, biodynamic farming is just beginning to take off, with California as its hot spot. While many of the beauty brands committing to harvesting biodynamic plants aren't as well-known, you're probably familiar with Weleda, the largest beauty brand using this practice.

How do biodynamically farmed ingredients affect the final product? They could increase its potency since the ingredients are carefully harvested when they're at their most vital point. You can also rest assured that your products will be free of harmful chemicals. Additionally, you'll be doing your part to support sustainable farmers who are letting plants grow naturally with as little human intervention as possible.

Where do you weigh in on biodynamic products? Head to the comments to share your thoughts.

Opening Image: Fashion Me Now