Everyone's Favourite French Cleanser Just Became a Whole Lot More Affordable

Updated 06/26/18

Today is a good day for two reasons: Firstly, it's Friday! Secondly, the beautiful people at Bioderma have permanently reduced the price of the world's favourite French cleansing water, Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution. 

Gentle, effective, and simple, the micellar water removes every last trace of makeup with ease, and quite frankly, everyone should own a bottle. Celebrities love it, French girls swear by it, and makeup artists don't turn up to jobs without it. The new prices (effective immediately) are as follows:

  • 100ml: Was $21, now $11.
  • 250ml: Was $32, now $22. 
  • 500ml: Was $43, now $30. 

So, if you're a loyal user already, cheers to you and the extra money in your pocket. If you haven't already tried it, now's the time. INF / Network contributor Chloe Brinklow recently took a trip to the Bioderma factory in Provence to find out how the cult cleansing solution is made. Her thoughts?

"When I visited Bioderma HQ in France it was clear that the brand’s focus is science, not pretty flat-lays... More than half of the floor plan is dedicated to the product development labs where several scientists—many of whom are female—work day in, day out developing products with a focus on biology, dermatology and innovation. The products take [more than] 18 months to develop, and once developed go through vigorous testing on-site.

 A short drive from the labs is the factory, which has one of the most impressive production lines I’ve seen. [All] Bioderma micellar water is created, bottled, and shipped from this location. And with one bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H20 sold every three seconds worldwide, the machines actually never stop."

Scroll on to shop. 

Bioderma Sensibio H20 $12

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