The French Product Every Model Uses to Cleanse Her Face During NYFW


When it comes to model beauty, we're forever fascinated by the mastery of that elusive no-makeup makeup look. The less-is-more, fresh-faced approach might be boosted by a few choice products, but so much of the look's success relies on a healthy, clear, even complexion. That kind of skin is hard enough to come by even when you have the time to commit to an intense beauty routine that doesn't include getting your makeup applied and removed five times a day and rushing around New York City in the blistering cold.

My first job out of college was assisting a fashion casting director, and I've continued to freelance during fashion weeks since, including this last round in New York. And this year, while I was running the casting, photographing models, and making sure everything was going smoothly backstage before the show, my beauty-editor brain couldn't help but wonder about a growing list of questions surrounding model beauty. I had already gotten to the bottom of the no-makeup look but only in terms of the products used to subtly enhance their natural beauty. (Hello, eyelash curlers and clear brow gel). However, that's only one part of the equation. How do models ensure their skin stays smooth and clear despite constant makeup application and removal—not to mention the intense runway beauty looks?

Most fashion week makeup styles that make it onto the runways go way beyond what you or I might dare for an average day or even a night out. Models need a reliable makeup remover that will fully eliminate whatever products the makeup teams apply to their faces and leave them as fresh and clear as before. After surveying the models, I discovered the choice makeup remover was clear—a resounding, unanimous vote for French brand Bioderma's classic formula. The models insisted it was the only thing they could rely on to really get rid of the residue from runway beauty looks, with one even saying, "You'll see things from three days ago come off." As they rush around from show to show, every model keeps makeup-removing wipes on hand, but at the end of the day, it's always Bioderma's formula that they count on to reset their skin for a fresh start come morning.

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