Bio Brasion: The Reason Microdermabrasion Is So Over

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When microdermabrasion first promised to resurface our skin like never before, we were intrigued, and then hooked for life—or so we thought. But then, on a recent visit with celebrity esthetician and our resident authority on all things skin, Renée Rouleau, we experienced Bio Brasion. It’s just like our beloved microdermabrasion, only better. Much better. And we also spoke with skin care expert Dr. Anna Guanche to get all the extra details.

Meet the Expert

  • Renée Rouleau is a celebrity esthetician based in Austin, TX. She is also the founder and creator of her eponymous skincare line.
  • Anna Guanche, MD, is a celebrity skincare expert and board-certified dermatologist. Her practice is at the Bella Skin Institute in Calabasas, CA.

Keep reading to find out what makes Bio Brasion so great!

What is Bio Brasion?

Simply put, it’s an exfoliation treatment. “Bio Brasion is a crystal-free, low-suction abrasion system that uses gentle vibration with customized levels of exfoliation,” Rouleau says. Results are always number one, and the bottom line is Bio Brasion delivers: “One treatment will give immediate results in smoothing the skin, and is ideal when done a few days before a wedding or special occasion,” according to Rouleau.

“There’s no downtime and each procedure works progressively, bringing increased skin correction with additional sessions,” explains Guanche. "One can expect a fresher-looking complexion, as dead flaky skins on the surface of the stratum corneum are removed. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soften the appearance of scars, lighten brown spots, decongest acne lesions and pores, and hydrate and exfoliate dry skin allowing a glow to appear. The treatment also stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin leading to smoother skin tone and texture."

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

  • Softens and smooths skin
  • Helps treat acne and scarring
  • Decreases texture
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased results with each use
  • Can treat chest and other body areas

Are you sold yet? Good news: Rouleau says the treatment is right for you. “Bio Brasion is safe for all skin types (including red and sensitive complexions), delivering noticeable improvements to skin’s texture and overall appearance.” Rouleau also recommends it to treat chest and body areas with sun damage and to help soften bumps due to a condition called keratosis pilaris. 

How to Prepare for Bio Brasion

If you're planning on getting a Bio Brasion treatment, there are some things to consider. "It is important to have thoroughly clean, makeup-free skin. In addition, sun exposure or recent chemical peels should be avoided in general because they make the skin sensitive. Waxing should be avoided in derm-abraded areas for a few days," advises Guanche.

What to Expect During a Bio Brasion Treatment

During a treatment, your esthetician will run a handheld device with unique, interchangeable tips across your skin. This is meant to painlessly lift off the outermost dry, damaged layers of the skin, revealing the healthy layers of skin beneath—healthy and smooth (baby soft doesn’t even begin to describe it).

For even greater results, Rouleau recommends stacking treatments. “When a light chemical peel is applied to the skin after Bio Brasion, it can give dramatic results for clearing acne, smoothing discoloration from acne, and fading brown spots and discoloration from sun or hormones,” Rouleau says. Just note that adding a peel may create some dryness and light flaking for a few days post-treatment.

Bio Brasion vs Microdermabrasion

If you’re thinking all of that sounds great, but it also sounds a lot like microdermabrasion, you’re not wrong. The treatments are very similar, but there are a few factors that set Bio Brasion apart. “Microdermabrasion, while effective for exfoliating the surface of the skin had some negatives associated with it,” Rouleau says. First, the crystals that spray out of the hose may be uneven and unpredictable. “So you kind of have an uncontrolled amount of exfoliation.” Secondly, the suction used can be quite strong. “So anyone with weak capillaries and redness could have some damage,” Rouleau says.

Bio Brasion, on the other hand, uses a lower suction, so you shouldn't be pulling and tugging at fragile capillaries and there’s meant to be less risk of damage. It’s considered controlled exfoliation because it uses a diamond-head tip (not crystal), which is meant to ensure a consistent amount of abrasion. "A typical microdermabrasion tool uses crystals to exfoliate and high suction to fully remove all dead skin. Meanwhile, Bio Brasion uses a diamond-tipped tool that gives your esthetician precise control of your exfoliation," explains Guanche.

“And unlike microdermabrasion, it’s performed on wet skin,” Rouleau says. “An acid-based foam is applied to the skin to instantly start to loosen up dead cells, so when the Bio Brasion handpiece goes over the skin, it works to remove the dissolved cells.” All of that boils down to more effective, deeper (and risk-free) exfoliation. 

Potential Side Effects

Typically, you shouldn't have any side effects from a Bio Brasion treatment, according to the brand. But if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to actives like AHAs and BHAs, you may want to reconsider getting the treatment. "There is no downtime and most skin types can benefit from the procedure, although we caution those with extremely sensitive skin and those with allergies to AHA/BHA since the solutions used in this procedure can contain those ingredients," explains Guanche.

The Cost

When you're trying to create change in your skin, do a series of six or 12 treatments, performed weekly. A single Bio Brasion facial will probably cost you between $75 and $175. And most series of six treatments will run you anywhere from $450 to $600.


After your Bio Brasion treatment, you can resume normal activities and your skincare and makeup routine. Guanche adds, "It is important to follow the instructions of your clinician and use any recommended products that are formulated in a regimen. Bio Brasion is a safe and effective way to remove dead skin cells and skin debris and this helps products to penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum results. As always, sunscreen is a must!"

The Final Takeaway

If you're looking for a gentle, effective, and no-downtime way to exfoliate your skin, Bio Brasion is a must. You might see amazing results after just one session, however, you may need multiple sessions to really see a long-lasting change in your skin.

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