Billie Eilish's 40 Best Hair Moments Over the Years, Including Her Natural Color

billie eilish taking a mirror selfie with updo hair


It's hard to think about Billie Eilish without thinking about her hair, which has ranged from a glamorous platinum blonde to a punk rock neon green. She can pull off any cut, color, or hairstyle with ease, and her looks often revolve around something that, for many, is hard to pull off: bangs.Whether long and textured or short and choppy, the musical icon's hair looks are always unique and full of inspiration. Below, we rounded up some of Billie Eilish's best hair moments.

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Retro Pinup Bangs

Billie Eilish with retro pinup bangs and shoulder length hair

@billieeilish / Instagram

With her jet-black hair, Billie almost resembles retro pinup Bettie Page, thanks to a wide sweep of fringe that perfectly frames her face. Get a similar look by blowing out the hair and using a smoothing cream to tame flyaways.

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1970s-Style Bangs and Feathered Hair

Billie Eilish with feathered 1970s style hair

@billieeilish / Instagram

This '70s-throwback sees Billie pair messy bangs with mussed-up texture. To get a similar look, spray a good texture spray on day-after hair, working it into ends with your fingers.

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Curtain Bangs and Straight Hair

Billie Eilish with curtain bangs and straight hair

@billieeilish / Instagram

When your bangs start to grow out, take a cue from this look and wear them straight and pulled to either side. Here, they pair well with stick-straight hair and a few loose layers around the face.

When it comes to styling straight hair, the products make all the difference. Before using a hot tool, brush the hair out with a paddle brush like Moroccanoil's Ceramic Paddle Brush ($30), which is designed to smooth hair.

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Heavy Bangs With Low Pigtails

Billie Eilish in pigtails and bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

Here, Billie's jet-black strands are pulled into two low pigtails and accented with her trademark heavy bangs. Pull a few pieces of hair out around the face for added interest.

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Air-Dried Texture

Billie Eilish With Textured hair

@billieeilish / Instagram

Switch things up without much effort at all by air-drying hair. This allows for an easy style, but also shows off your natural texture.

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Bangs With a Headband

Billie Eilish in bangs with a headband

@billieeilish / Instagram

While Billie's jet-black hair and bangs often veer very rock and roll, the addition of an embellished headband keeps things sweet. To style, place the headband directly behind the bangs, leaving the rest of the hair out around it, rather than behind your ears.

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Textured Ponytail

Billie Eilish in textured ponytail with bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

A textured ponytail is very easy to replicate at home. Just pull hair into a ponytail at the back of the head, securing with an elastic. Then, spritz texture spray through the ends, and pull some face-framing pieces out from the front.

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Smooth and Platinum

Billie Eilish in blonde hair with bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

Billie's blonde hair gets a smooth look here, and is paired with bangs that blend into layers on the sides of the face. To replicate this look, ensure you use a shine spray to really amp up the drama.

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Mussed-Up Heavy Bangs

Billie Eilish in choppy hair with bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

Billie's heavy bangs are styled well here and the look is easy to mimic. Use a wide-toothed comb to straighten the bangs downward and keep the rest of the hair air-dried and textured.

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Blonde Choppy Bob

Billie Eilish with blonde bob

@billieeilish / Instagram

A smoothing cream and light misting of hairspray is all you need to style this choppy bob. We like how the ends of her bangs mimic the layers throughout the bob.

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Textured Topknot

Billie Eilish in textured topknot updo

@billieeilish / Instagram

This evening-worthy take on a casual daytime style worked perfectly for a Met Ball appearance, but it can work at home, too. Just place hair into a messy topknot, keeping the ends splayed loosely. Use a smoothing cream to style the bangs.

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Messy Bun With Bangs

Billie Eilish in messy bun with bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

A messy bun is one of the easiest ways to throw hair up and go, but here, Billie makes it look chic. To get the look, pull your hair into a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic and then take small sections of the ponytail and twist secure each to the base with pins.

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Asymmetric Curtain Bangs

Billie Eilish in Asymmetric curtain bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

Here, Billie's classic bangs get a blunt look. Rather than gradual layers that frame the face, there are three lengths—the bangs, a chunky piece that grazes the cheekbone, and the ends.

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Heavy Fringe

Billie Eish With Heavy Bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

A heavy fringe looks great with any length of hair and the style is all about maintenance. If you want the bangs to frame your eye line like Billie's, make sure to get a trim every three to four weeks.

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Mussed-Up Blonde Bob

Billie Eilish in air-dried blonde lob

@billieeilish / Instagram

A messy blonde bob pairs heavy fringe with a slight wave throughout the hair. Use a round brush to flip the ends out, as seen here.

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1970s-Style Feathered Bob

Billie Eilish in a 60s-style feathered bob

@billieeilish / Instagram

This look is retro fun and involves flipping the ends (of both the bangs and the bob itself) in an outward direction. A round brush will certainly come in handy to replicate this look, but you'll also need a flexible hold hairspray, to offer movement and hold.

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Short Bob With Bangs

Billie Eilish in a classic bob with bangs

@billieeilish / Instagram

This super-short bob sees Billie's hair hitting just above the chin. Here, bangs are kept long, graduating to layers on the sides of her face.

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Marilyn-Style Bob

Billie Eilish in Marilyn Monroe Style Bob

@billieeilish / Instagram

This Marilyn style bob oozes glamour. Here, her hair is accented with soft blonde curls and bangs are swept off to one side.

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Half-Up, Half-Down With Length

Billie Eilish in a half-up half down style

@billieeilish / Instagram

A half-up, half-down style is a classic and it doesn't even technically require any tools. Of course, you can use a pin or elastic to place the hair into the style, but you can also fake the look by placing a bit of hair behind your ears, and keeping tendrils loose to frame your face.

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Blonde Blowout

Billie Eilish with a blonde blowout

@billieeilish / Instagram

A blonde blowout helps show off Billie's platinum blonde hair. Be sure to prep your hair with a heat protectant and then try using a 1.5-inch round brush underneath the hair, at the root, while blow-drying.

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Blonde Layers

Billie Eilish with blonde layered hair

@billieeilish / Instagram

Here, soft, blonde layers get volume throughout the mid-lengths, but not at the roots. The effect is slughtly retro, and lets the loose curl and vibrant color shine.

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Messy Blonde Topknot

Billie Eilish in a messy topknot

@billieeilish / Instagram

A messy topknot is a look we all love. To get the look, flip the hair over and gather it into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure with an elastic before wrapping the ends around and tucking the loose hair into a bun.

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Straight and Two-Toned

Billie Eilish with straight hair with Neon Roots

@billieeilish / Instagram

Billie's signature skunk-style color is perfectly visible when hair is kept shiny and sleek. Use a shine spray to really draw attention to the stark contrast.

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Two-Toned Updo With Neon Roots

Billie Eilish with a two-toned updo with neon roots

@billieeilish / Instagram

Here, the two-toned look gets a glow-up, thanks to a loose updo, with portions of the hair at the front of the face kept loose and curled into a wave.

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Pigtail Braids

pig tails


These silver-coated pigtail braids are an edgy take on a classic style. There's nothing overdone or overthought about the look, just a classically shameless expression of what works for her in the moment.

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Sporty Headband



Headbands are a popular hair accessory, and while there are a plethora of ways to wear the trending item that take a feminine foot forward, it's no surprise to see Eilish wearing this look in a sportier way.

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Icy Top Knot

half up top knot


The songstress might be single-handedly responsible for the recent demand in ashy, icy blonde. This half-up top knot on icy blonde hair is the ultimate cool-girl style.

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Faded Pastel

faded pastel


While teal hair color was on the rise, Eilish opted for a faded version of the vibrant hue. Even with its diluted tone, this shade of blue remains a prominent look and is especially ripe against her light blue eyes.

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Hooded Lilac



A Gen Z-er herself, Eilish is leading the way as a hair icon for her generation. While other celebs like Kelly Osborne, Nicole Richie, and Halsey have notably worn their lavender-colored hair with sheen and style, Eilish wears hers with a simple hoodie and minimally coiffed efforts.

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Dusty Lavender

washed out purple


One of the things we love most about Eilish and her many hair colors is that she's worn her hair color transitions as a look all their own. While slowly making her way from that coveted lilac to gunmetal gray, she sported a dusty lavender that made us all swoon.

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Gunmetal Gray



Going gray is no longer a faux pas but a fashion statement made by choice. Leave it to Eilish to wear her undone length as yet another trending shade, with layers of chunky silver chains to match.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke hair


The pop star seems to know she's playing a game of smoke and mirrors with her hair transformations, always leaving us guessing what's to come next. This smokey silver shade paired with freckled gold leaf is one of our favorite beauty pairings of hers to date.

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This vibrant blue hue has made some major waves in the last few years, and as it turns out, it's pretty easy to achieve from the comfort of your own home.

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Black and Blue Streaks

black and blue highlights


Who said highlights had to be blonde? Attempting to remove certain hair colors can be tricky. Eilish let her faded turquoise serve as her highlighted streaks while breaking things up slowly with chunks of black lowlights.

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Black as Night



This all-over black is one of her hair's healthiest looks yet, so we'd be remiss not to include it as one of our favorites. As simple as it is, it also looks trendy when paired with big bold lashes and metal accessories.

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Space Buns

space buns


Here, Eilish wears an ode to some early '90s inspired space buns. To get a similar stick straight and piece-y vibe, we recommend using the Remington 1" Anti-static flat iron.

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Neon Green

Neon Green


The neon green hair color is definitely her most notable look. Before it was her signature root color, this highlighter hue had a much larger wingspan.

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Shaggy Tinted Roots

shaggy tinted roots


A shag haircut can be worn on various lengths and hair types. Eilish paired the rock and roll cut with a hair tuck between her turtleneck and '70s printed blazer for an ultra retro throwback. Her tinted shades and colored roots give this style some extra edge and flair.

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Bold-Rooted Beehive



A classic '50s inspired hairstyle can be modernized with its cut, color, and choice of style. Of course, Eilish opted for all three adjustments to give her retro beehive a bold-rooted twist with face-framing layers falling down and out for a looser, more relaxed vibe.

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The Blonde Shag

blonde shag


After releasing her documentary The World's A Little Blurry, Eilish announced to her fans that another change to her strands would come. "It will be the end of an era. I'm going to give you a new era." Spoken like a true icon. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us all next.

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